30 Phenomenal Examples of Polar Panorama Effect

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Panoramic photography is a unique technique of capturing photographs that creates entirely different results from the real life. In Panoramic Photography, photos are captured within relatively greater field of view normally greater than what human eye can take in.
Polar Panorama is an exceptional distinction of the panoramic photography that covers the field of view of up to 360°. Next, by using image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop the taken images are processed to give them a stereographic projection. This makes the images look like exactly a small planet.
Look into these 30 incredible Examples of Polar Panorama Photography and be inspired by the artist work. We hope that you enjoy this showcase of extremely wow photographs.

Cabot Place planet

Bleu Lavande

Santiago de Día

Planet Lowertown

NYC My World

Arc de Germanicus Saintes

Ottowa Gazebo

Water World

Island planet

Pansy Planet


Kiosque A Musique Cognac 3

Fontaines sur Saône – France – small planet

Snowy night – Tiny Planet v1

Autumn Planet

Our downtown

Balonismo weeplanet

Planet Toronto at Night

Aviary Planet

Frankfurt Polar Panorama

Manhattan Skyline polar Panorama 2

Planet Jefferson Blvd

Botanical Garden

Coffee Plantation Planet

Polar Beach

Winter World

Eiffel planet

Mow Cop Castle Polar Pano

Planet Usti

My little skyline

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