25 (More) Super Colorful Printed Flyers

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Many people consider hiring an amateur designer to create a brochure design is ok but they fail to realize that professionalism is something that only a professional can offer, and not a amateur. The problem with an amateur and inexpert designer is that he does not know what the expectations of potential buyers are, and only care about the layout and format. Such a flyer design can never assure the success of your marketing campaign.
Winning flyer designs by their nature must be attention-grabbing, and one of the unsurpassed ways to accomplish this is by means of super color schemes. Vivid colors and amalgamations of different hues are great techniques of grabbing the viewer’s attention, and can be applied to imitate the temperament of the event that is being publicized.
In the previous posts, we have already shared an article about Colorful Printed Flyers, and in this post we have gathered another 25 examples of printed flyers that demonstrate the power of super colorful design. Enjoy!


The Apartment

Studio Martin

Juicy Fruit

Party in Pijamale


Prime Engineering

Vector Institute

Phone Tell


Cats Comforts

Doin Business

Umer Enterprises

Grand Watches

Allied Engineering Works

Fluid System




Iqra Community

Ibadur Rehaman



Cats Comforts


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