32 Most Strange and Unusual Buildings Around the World

Buildings are the beautiful example of the architectural excellence they are designed with and there are tons of beautiful strange and fantastic buildings all over the world that fascinate our eyes. Such buildings can be considered as the examples of wonderful architecture. Architecture Photography gets this magnificence to the world, and that’s why, architectural photography is as exciting and thrilling as it is gratifying and heartwarming.
Today, we have gathered an interesting compilation of 32 most amazing and unusual or bizarre buildings that are reflected through architectural photography. We hope you like this collection and find something inspirational for you. Let us have a look at this collection. Enjoy!
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Strange and Unusual Buildings Architecture

Lithuania, Kaunas, a bit strange building

The Esplanade 4, Singapore

MGM Grand Macau

Expo Zaragoza 2008, Pabellón de Aragón

Bodega de Los Herederos del Marques de Riscal


Le Futuroscope

London City Hall

Eden 2008

The Gherkin

Aqua Building, East view

Solar Furnace at Odeillo Font Romeu France

Un museo del futuro

Fashion Show Mall

Raffles Dubai

Graz 028 Blob architecture – Kunsthaus Graz

National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC


Interesting house in the Alps

Teapot Dome Gas Station-Zillah, WA

Seashell House Is Unbelievably Awesome

Outside Pierre Cardin’s Bubble House

Side View of Mushroom House

Sanrio Strawberry House Tokyo

A Handmade Home

Our Igloo Cottage at Kvivik, Faroe Islands

Disney Gold

El Centro Cultural Tijuana

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unusual buildings around the world05

unusual buildings around the world31


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