30 Metal Textures for Designers

In this collection, you will discover 30 exceptional and most excellent metal textures that you can bring into play in your design projects. Luckily, we were able to bring together this list of 30 metal textures meant for designers that seems strange but at one fell swoop is extremely distinctive and beautiful. You can use these textures in posters as well as in wallpapers and graphic backgrounds too.
Texture can bring up the real surface of a design or to the genuine appearance of the design. Metal textures can also be exceptionally helpful in web and graphic design. They can come into view as 3D, or possibly will even look ahead of its time, dependent on how well you employ it.
So, get your hands on these freebies of metallic textures that can furnish an edge to your websites and blogs making it matchless and eye-catching.

High resolution metal texture

Metal grate texture background pattern

Webtreats 8 Fabulous Free Metal Textures 7

Gold Brass Foil Leafing Metal

Dirty Metal Texture

Webtreats 8 Free Fabulous Tileable Metal Textures 6

Abalone Shell Metallic Texture

Rusty Metal Texture Pack 2

Mom’s Cookie Sheet

Stock photo: vertical metal texture

Rusted metal Pack 01

Package – Metal – 9

Ink acetate textures vol. 2

Gold Texture Pack


Steel Metal Chain Texture


Green Copper n Gold Metal Leaf

Heavily scratched rusty metal

Arc’s Rivets + Metal Brushes

Grunge metal

Metal texture

Metal Fence texture -tiled

Metal Drain Cover

SK Metal Grids HD Patterns

SK Metal Grids HD Patterns by *s0nkite

9 High Resolution Metal Surface Textures

Studio Skye Metal Textures – Metal Grille

Studio Skye Metal Textures – Metal Grille

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