30 Free and Useful Woven and Knitted Fabric Textures

In this cold season of winter, we want to share with you warmness to let you enjoy this beautiful season. Since it is winter time, knitted and woven fabric textures may do well for the cold. In this compilation, we have gathered 30 warm and free woven and knitted fabric textures. With knitted fabric textures, you can add warmth to your designs while on the other hand; the fabric texture has been unwearyingly made through artistic hands but these days machineries make work a lot more easier.
All the textures present in this collection are free to download. We compiled this collection by collecting textures from talented santa artists from all over the web. Let us take a close look at this roundup and share your opinion via comment section below.

Stripes In Style

Texture 015

Texture 025

Texture 029

Texture 026

Texture 028

Magenta Ribbed Knit Fabric Texture

Teal or Turquoise Ribbed Knit Fabric Texture

Pink Ribbed Knit Fabric Texture

Teal Upholstery Fabric Texture

Rust Orange Upholstery Fabric Texture

Lavender Knit Yarn Close Up Texture

Red Upholstery Fabric Texture

Woven Fabric Texture

Ivory Silky Woven Texture

Blue Cable Knit Pattern Texture

Striped Fabric Texture Green and Purple

Blue Stripe

Blue & brown cotton stripe

Fabric Texture 1

Striped Fabric Texture Blue and Brown

Fabric Texture 7

Red and white Lines

Fabric Soft Warm Stripe Lines

Fabric Texture 8

Texture 018

Greenish Stripes

Binar Code


6 Striped Fabric Textures

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