3 Proven Ways to Earn Client Trust and Grow your Business

As a freelancer or a business owner, your main goal is to always grow your business, get new customers and increase sales. To truly take your business to the next level, you need to focus on the various factors which influence your existing customers to come back to you and also the various ways by which you can easily get new customers.

There are multiple ways in which you can get your existing customers to come back to you, but some of them require you to spend money. But in this article we will see the most cost effective or FREE ways to earn and showcase your client trust.


This is by far the latest and coolest way to showcase the trust you have earned. This service is absolutely free, and the best thing is, trustedbusiness.com gives you a really cool looking page which you can share with all your customers to really impress them.

Trustedbusiness.com is also a great way to get new clients. You can share your trustedbusiness.com page with potential clients and impress them by showing off how many people trust you.  Another interesting reason for you try out trustedbusiness.com is that you get some very useful and valuable perks as more people say that they trust you. Read what Small Business University has to say about TrustedBusiness.com.

Yelp Page

This is again a service more suited for businesses with a physical location. If you have such a business, make sure you are monitoring your Yelp page and listening to the feedback. Keep improving your services based on the feedback you get to slowly earn customer trust.

Profiles on Freelancing Sites


If you are active on freelancing sites such elance.com or freelancer.com, you can use your profile to show your ratings and testimonials you have received. Some of your clients who are familiar with these sites will value your ratings, but if your potential clients don’t know much about these sites, then you need a better way to showcase your trust.

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