35 Time Saving Photoshop Actions

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At the moment, we would like to look at some creative ways you can create certain actions in your design work. We hope that this compilation will draw new ideas to inspire and improve the ordinary designs. Photoshop actions are meant to save loads of your valuable time that you can utilize in other tasks by simply applying multiple automated processes on several images just at one fell swoop. This way, you save loads of time as well as effort that will be required if you edit each and every image manually.
In this round up, you will discover 35 real time saving Photoshop actions that you can download for free, of course. We hope that these Photoshop actions come in handy for you next time you want to create some cool and appealing effects.

Photoshop Color Actions 2

10 Handpicked Gold Texture Packs

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Gold is one of those most precious metals that fascinates almost every person, men and women alike. It attracts everyone essentially because of its shine. In today’s session, we have come up with 10 handpicked and exceptionally beautiful gold texture packs that you can download for free. All the textures that you will find in this round up are extremely stylish and captivatingly glowing.
These gold textures are available in variety of color and style so that you can choose one that suits your website the best. You can make use of these beautiful textures to fill the gaps and spaces in your design and to make it look visually appealing and elegant. We hope you like this collection. Full list after jump!

Arcylic Gold Paint Swirl Stock

30 Free Magazine Style WordPress Themes

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WordPress is a famous and widely used blogging platform and there are countless blogs and online magazines running on this platform. Thus, you will need a custom theme in order to make your online magazine look different from dozens of other online magazine. Therefore, here we are compiling 20 free to download magazine style WordPress themes.
Let us take a close look at this compilation of handpicked magazine style theme that can make your magazine look like premium one. Furthermore, if you want more features then you can also go for a pro version. Click through and feel free to download. Do let us know what you feel about this round up.


25 Free Dried Leaf Textures

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Texture can add depth in your design and make it look more appealing and visually alluring. This is the reason why textures are playing a big role in design industry principally in Web Designs. Textures make your designs a lot more realistic than they are before and this adds a visual interest in the design as well.
In this assortment, we are showcasing 25 free designs that show gripping dried leaf textures that you can use in your design as well as your site background. Since in many countries of the world, autumn or fall has came to pass so fast, therefore we thought it would be the great time to showcase this collection. So enjoy this collection and let your designs get fascinated and sweep off the mood to fall.

Dried leaf extures

30 Beautiful Floral Photoshop Brushes

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Here we are presenting an exciting and fresh collection of 30 beautiful and appealing floral Photoshop brushes. Although, we have already posted several collection on the Photoshop brushes still we are not done with it. So, here is another fresh collection designed for the Photoshop brush lovers. You can bring these brushes into play in improving the design of your artwork according to the latest design trend.
Floral brushes are extremely popular in the design world today and with floral brushes, you can create a fresh look in different design projects. These brushes have been viewed in loads of magazines, advertisements, and websites, and logos, scrapbooks, and so on for the reason that it could be straightforwardly mixed and matched with any other design components.

Roses – PS brushes

Collection of Creative Advertisements

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Creative advertisement is must if one wants to sell his good or services. On a daily basis, you can see that you have been bombarded with loads of advertisement through different means such as TV, magazines, billboards, internet and so on. Therefore it is of utmost importance to advertise your goods and services creatively if you really want to get your message across.
The main purpose of an advertisement is to catch the attention of its target audience who tend to remember only creative and unique approaches. In this round up, we are showcasing some creative examples of appealing advertisements that will successfully grab anyone’s attention. We hope you would enjoy this innovative round up.

WWF Wildlife Campaign

30 Free Striped Fabric Textures for your Designs

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This time, we are presenting for you an amazing and most mind-boggling collection of more than 30 high end quality of striped fabric textures with all their styles and colors. As a designer, you would also be dependent on textile designs or styles predominantly those in the fashion business subsequently to be able to lay down their own fashion collections aside from that of others.
You can add these exceptional fabric textures up to your collection with just a click away. Such striped fabric textures more often than not be seen in clothing, handbags and in high-end linens where they essentially furnish an eye-catching effect. Here is the complete list after the jump. Your comments are always more than welcome, so feel free to express your opinion and viewpoints about this compilation. Enjoy!

Striped Fabric Texture Green and Purple

25 Free Fractal Brushes Photoshop

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We have also previously posted several high quality brushes sets for Adobe Photoshop that always come in handy for our creative geniuses. For today’s session, we thought to compile a free collection of some high quality fractal brushes for Photoshop. I am sure every designer must know about the term fractal and some of you have also worked on fractal designs.
This collection of fractal brushes will make creating fractal designs even more interesting and fun. These brush sets will make up a good place in your resource box. So what are you waiting for? Start downloading your most favorite fractal brushes and enjoy using them. Do let us know about your opinion via comment section below.

Set of Fractal Brushes

30 Examples of Circular Elements in Web Design

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Loads of creativity, talent and a lot of thinking go in the process of website designing and development and in order to develop a nice and visually compelling website design that not only looks good but also possesses a good user interface (UI), you need to pay attention to elements like navigation, menus, content, header, icons and so on. These are the crucial elements of any website design that must be taken care of if you really want to create an amazing and awesome website design.
You can create a big difference in the final stage by just giving them a nice look. At the moment, we have collected some examples of websites employing circular elements in their layouts. The collection includes a wide range of circular elements from circular icons and logos to big circular image thumbnails. You will find a good example of how to fit in circles on your next project, check it out.


10 Typography Tools for CSS

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In this article, we have put together 10 excellent typography tools for CSS that you may find helpful in your next project. Tools to employ CSS typography come up from time to time, however not all of them are as great as others. At this time, we present a compilation of exceptional typography related and CSS compatible applications designed for you to bring into play in your own work.
Typographic art has turn out to be a progress on the online world more than being just an arrangement of fonts. This is the reason why designers all over the world are using it from the creation of new lettering to the use of previously designed fonts and from more noticeably modified context to furnishing a visual appeal to the design.

Serif Font Search