Six tips to create an awesome Word Press theme

A few years ago, Word Press was not a very common name, probably used mostly by designers and developers. Nowadays, it’s something normal and used even for kids or people not very passionate by online activities. It’s clear that the Internet has evolved at a fabulous pace and this imposes the same rhythm to society.
Designers need to create more and more new Word Press themes on a daily basis, therefore the “fight” is ferocious but the results are awesome. Under these circumstances, creating Word Press themes is a challenging fact but, at the same time, the reward matches the work done. A Word Press theme is a complex project and usually there are two approaches:
1. Design the respective theme for a unique client who will benefit exclusively from it;
2. Create it purposely for selling on various markets.

No matter in which category a theme is added, it must be original and beautiful. The Internet is full of high quality themes and no one will buy one without a careful research. The next tips are very useful in creating and selling themes and the best designers from this field surely applied these in their line of work. Unfortunately, to know these by heart isn’t by far enough, practice is the best activity to become better in designing Word Press themes.

1.Establish clearly what you want to do with it

As I previously mentioned a theme may be used only for an individual or institution or for selling it online. From the first moments, it’s highly recommended to establish its purpose clearly. This is necessary because a theme for a client doesn’t need many ways of customization; it’s more useful to actively communicate with him to establish the directions and make the fine tunings according to the preferences.
A theme build for selling online needs a special approach, the more customizable is, the more chances of being bought has. Briefly, keep in mind, the first thing in making a theme must be the correct establishment of the future client identity.

2.Start with an amazing design

There is an eternal debate about the importance of design and coding of a website. It’s sure that this will keep on until the end of days but when it comes to selling Word Press themes, a fact is clear: a bad design “assures” you no sale while a good design and a poor coding may bring some money to the owner (until the first clients are providing feedback & bad comments and the affair is down). It’s obvious that both are essential but, because here the first impression is capital (rarely there is a second chance) the design is the one that sells and the coding make clients content and surely they recommend you or provide positive feedback.

3.Respect HTML and CSS standards and specific coding standards

This tip is a logical conclusion of the precedent one but there are some more aspects to cover. A clean code is decisive for a long time perspective, for both the seller and the potential client. Firstly, correct coding makes any bug impossible and the client won’t have problem of handling the respective template. Secondly, the search engines enjoy the slim and clean sequences of code, therefore will improve the overall rating of the website. We all know that between the first position for a specific term in the searches of clients and the tenth one there is a fabulous difference.

4.Small details make the big difference

When somebody has decided to create a Word Press theme (and it’s more important when it is going to be sold on the marketplaces) he must be sure that all his energy is canalized to make it the best. Specialists recommended that the best approach is not to be avaricious with this template. The images must be very nice, eye-catching, the fonts very interesting and readable, the icons are other small details that make great a design but all these costs and the price of the theme will be too high.
This effort fully deserves, it’s true that quite probable the time to pay up will be considerably longer but on a long term basis this is more advantageous. What do you want to believe the clients about you and your works: do you want to be a “designer” selling 10$ themes, decent and full of bugs or a top designer that makes only top templates?

5.Study other creations, never expect to see and know everything

Word Press design is a dynamic domain and in order to survive it is mandatory to stay merely updated. A designer will check the official blog and the most important blogs that treat this subject must be consulted daily. Fortunately, the resources are numerous and the quality of the information provided is high. Beside a solid background, it is welcomed to be inspired and the best approach is to study the works of other designers, once again the showcases posted on the blogs in the field are simply impressive.

6.Always offer quick and detailed replies to the clients’ complains

It’s only for the ones that sell Word Press themes but it is better to become a normal habit of every designer. A client isn’t a designer or a developer, therefore it is normal not to understand some features or have various issues with the theme. A sign of professionalism that is highly appreciated by any people is to receive fast replies to the demands emailed to the theme creator. The living dialogue between both parts is very beneficial so the last idea is simple: pay great attention to the clients!

Now, with these tips in mind grab a cup of tea or coffee and go back to work! It’s time to create the best Word Press theme!

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