40 Wonderful Examples of Bokeh Photography

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Bokeh is also known as the quality of the blur and in terms of photography, the work Bokeh refers to the area in the photo that is out of focus. In short, we can say that Bokeh in photography is a technique to add fuzzy areas within a photo. The origin of this word is from the Japanese word ‘Romaji’ that is spelled as ‘Boke’ in English meaning ‘Fuzzy’.
With Bokeh photography, you can achieve beautiful and dramatic images. In today’s post, we are showcasing some wonderful examples of Bokeh photography that will help you understand the technique much better. Feel free to share your opinion about this collection with us via comment section. Enjoy!

Christmas Time Bokeh Time


Sensitive space

Warm Fuzzies

Trees of light

1 Bokeh Photography

Binge and purge 31/365

Opening the world of bokeh..

All the love for you my friends!

The fallen sons of Eve

The BOKEH Shooter / Hyderbad Bokeh Express…

Anna Garbarczyk

Welcome to the Refractory

Bokeh drop

Bokeh Photography

The ball, the flare and the bokeh

Black bokeh: 219/365

Comments and faves

Bokeh fire (Part3/3) EHBW!!!!


Bokeh Candle Light

Blue hour

Watch the Stars go out


Peacock Bokeh

Have a Happy Bokeh-licious Week of Finals

Along dark winter streets

Bokeh bubbles

Extreme Bokeh


Flower Bokeh Magazine

Wine At Esplanade

I give you bokeh!


Season of lights


Passion of Italy

It’s raining bokeh


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