Seven reasons why Word Press is the best CMS

With every day that has passed, Word Press has become a more and more important entity within the online environment. The amount of websites based on this CMS (Content Management System) is constantly increasing and the community around it is quickly solving almost any issues related to it. Fortunately for the Internet users, there are multiple solutions; plus, there are others CMSs also very reliable, secure and easy to use. The competition is fierce and the winner is, obviously, the user.
We are frequently talking about CMSs and their advantages, but what is in fact CMS? The theoretical definitions are many and few people manage to deeply understand them. The more practical description (lacking any sign of professionalism) is that a CMS is that support allowing the creation, editing, manipulation and online publishing of the content. The idea is very simple: in the before Word Press era, it was difficult to keep a website updated, usually, any modification needed the action of specialists hence two important resources were required: the money for the specialist payment and the time invested in him. Once Word Press was born, the management of a website was way simpler and faster; someone said, and he is totally right, anyone who decently knows how to work with Microsoft Word, will learn how to use this “magical” platform.
As I said, the concurrence is close, by far Word Press isn’t the single solution, but here are some reasons to make anyone comprehend that it is the best and at least deserves to be tested. Nothing is perfect in this world and surely, Word Press has enough defects, it is to be perfected and many people are involved in making it better. The good news is that anyone may get involved in improving it, hence don’t be shy, try it and expose your opinions.

1.It’s very easy to use

Word Press is liked by so many people because it’s very easy to use. Often times, designers ignore the huge advantage of easiness just because they are very used to any graphical interface. Clearly, this CMS isn’t created for specialists or Internet addicts, it is for everyone. These features, in addition to the high quality are the main ingredients that crown Word Press as the leading CMS.

2.It’s worldwide widespread

Paradoxically, the more widespread this platform actually is, the better this is for their users. Being so famous, any bug or issue is quickly fixed because the specialists are so numerous and there is a great interest to be considered a Word Press guru.
Another advantage of the Word Press fame is the higher possibility of getting in touch with experts. It’s important when, let’s suppose a redesign is needed; to change a theme and customize it isn’t very difficult but the help of a specialist is recommended. The market is full of good experts and it can take a couple of good minutes to find one.

3.It’s for free

The advantages presented before are very important and anyone who still hasn’t find out about Word Press (if there is someone!) will became more interested in. The good news isn’t finished: anyone may try the CMS for free. Yep, Word Press is free and it seems that even in the future it won’t cost anything. Much more, the developers have created unlimited plug-ins that made the platform more reliable, secure, and customizable.

4.There are tons of plugins and it’s easy to customize

I have just mentioned previously about the Word Press plug-ins but this fact needs a special point. Someone who doesn’t get in touch with it won’t understand what “customization” really means, but there is completely another level. A simple plug-in may drastically change a theme or the role of it. Initially, Word Press was considered as the perfect tool for blogging but nowadays you may use it even for online shopping solutions.

5.Probably the best support

The team behind the famous CMS isn’t content and regularly tries to improve it. Besides that, there is a complete army of unknown developers that are attempting to get famous by improving it. The result is obvious: Word Press is getting better and better, the websites based on it are more accessible and beautiful and the clients happier.

6.Practically unlimited resources to learn

The amazing expansion of the websites built on Word Press solutions determined many bloggers to launch blogs that offer tips, advice, and useful information. It’s quite simple to search for some specific terms and instantly lots of interesting blogs will be revealed. The plateau is varied: from rocky to the most advanced, from simple inspirational showcases to in depth articles.

7.Word Press is a friendly search engine platform

The success of any website, no matter how nice the design is or how interesting the written content is, depends more than we expect on the “friendship” with the search engines. Another huge advantage of Word Press websites is the optimization for the search engines and in the case, that someone isn’t still content with, there are tons of plug-ins that make a website even more optimized.

I hope that this list will make you think and sooner or later, you will try it. Once again, this post isn’t only a promotional product, it’s a very objective opinion, based on multiple viewpoints of talented developers. Do you agree with me, or do you have another preferred content management system? Do you like its features? Please let me know what you think and use the comment form to share your precious ideas with our readers.

Author Bio – James is a creative designer, blogger and a active developer of webmaster tools. He maintains a network of blogs and tried almost all known hosting company services. He maintains few hosting advisory blogs and love to help people choose cheap web hosting services time to time.

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