25 Amazing Free Glass Textures

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In this post, you will find 25 creative and appealing glass textures for free download. A good collection of high quality textures is the basic need of every designer and this is the reason why designing community is eager in releasing fresh collections of different types of textures. This time, we have chosen glass texture to be presented in our today’s post. Glass textures give your designs a very classy and smooth look that grabs the attention of the onlookers.
So, here is the list of 25 amazing and visually appealing glass textures for you. Feel free to click through and download as many as you like. Enjoy!

Texture Pack – Glass

25 Free Paper Texture Packs for Designers

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Here is yet another exciting showcase of some free paper texture packs particularly intended for the designing fraternity. Textures are a great mode to improve your designs and they are without doubt extremely useful. You can employ textures and backgrounds in loads of different ways. More than ever in web design and graphic design, textures are one of the most compulsory components. If you can merge your whole design with a premium quality texture then you will surely get marvelous results.
Anyhow, at present we again assemble a great compilation of paper textures. One day you will unquestionably require a paper texture thus, just check out the below paper texture packs. They are all free to use, yet please don’t forget to comprehend the usage license for your commercial projects.

Vintage paper TEXTURE PACK

25 Awesome Blue Themed Photography

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We occasionally present some collections based on particular themes and keeping that custom alive, here we are showcasing yet another exciting and inspirational assortment of 25 brilliantly designed blue themed images that we are sure you will like.
Blue is an unexplained color with a broad array of positive and negative implications. Blue color can be related to the sadness if we talk about English while in German it suggests drunk. Alternatively, blue skies are linked with pleasure and good times, and people reimburse thousands of dollars every year in the hunt for bright, blue seas in which they can kick up their heels.
Below, you will discover 25 stunning and dazzling blue images catching what you might be expecting, similar to the sky and the ocean, and what you might not, like eggs, sneakers and wildlife.

Happy Monday Blues

Showcase of Still Life Digital Paintings

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In this round up, we are showcasing a collection of some amazing and breathtaking still life digital paintings that will surely inspire you and will take your breath away. Since the majority of us in this design arena constantly look for great and inspiring work that we can share, you may find these digital painting pieces as they have jumped out from the webs and demanding to be featured.
So many extraordinary paintings resonant of the great still lives of the previous days. These digital paintings hold a wealth of inspiration just waiting to be tapped. We hope that you like this collection and will find this inspirational for you. You can always share your opinion with us via comment box below and let us know if we have missed one of your favorite digital painting.


25 Free Photoshop Fire and Flame Brushes

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Nature is the best source of inspiration, and fire is one of the four basic elements in nature. Thus, fire can also be a good source of inspiration and possibly this is the reason why we see loads of use of fires and flames in variety of designs and artworks. Fire has its own qualities that the design community associates with the artwork. For example, fire represents energy, passion, enthusiasm and assertiveness. So, if you want to portray these characteristics into your designs then you should better use some fire or flame effects; and this is what Photoshop brushes are there for.
Here we are presenting a huge collection of some high quality Photoshop fire and flame brushes that will allow you create images that are set on fire. Enjoy!

SMOKEY Fire Brushes

22 Free Bokeh Textures Every Designer Should Have

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Are you looking for some classic and outstanding Bokeh textures to incorporate in your next design project? If your answer is yes, then look no further. Here we have come up with 22 fresh and high quality Bokeh textures for you that you can download for free. High quality textures play a crucial role in helping the designers in beautifying and improving their artworks.
Keeping this in mind, we thought to showcase some excellent and exceptional Bokeh textures for you. With these textures, you can easily add a feeling of fuzziness in the background of your image that will eventually gives depth with sparkly highlights. Let’s have a closer look. Do let us know what you feel about this round up.

Raining Light Bokeh Pack

30 Vintage Textures for Designers

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Vintage look or vintage style has been quite trendy in the recent years, and this is the reason why designers also are trying to incorporate a vintage look in their artworks. One of the easiest ways to incorporate certain style in your design is by using texture. This is because textures are among those design resources that help you create great designs without much effort.
Here we present a compilation of some amazing and high quality vintage textures for you that you can download and use for free. With the help of such textures, you can effortlessly draw attention to your images to better portray the vintage feel that you are trying to get. Although all the textures presented below are free to use but we would appreciate if you read the terms and conditions before using them for commercial purposes.

Victorian grunge texture pack

40 Awesome Examples of Bridge Photography

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Here we have gathered some amazing and inspiring examples of bridge photography for you. Bridges are always inspiring for the photographer because they are the wonders of architectural and metaphorical excellence. This is the reason why bridges are often the subject of photography for most of the photographers all over the world.
Here we are showcasing a mesmerizing collection of some wonderful bridge photography. With this assortment, we would like to show how much vibrant this area of art is. You would notice that bridge photography is not only about the underlying metaphors rather it is also about the marvelous structures themselves. We hope that you will like this collection and find it inspiring for you. Feel free to share your opinion with us via comment section.

London Bridge (Tower Bridge)

30 Outstanding Typographic Poster Designs

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Here is another inspirational post for the typography lovers. This time we chose to feature some amazingly designed typography posters for you. Typography is the most important and crucial aspect of any design and this is the reason why designers pay close attention when it comes to the selection of fonts. Furthermore, you can also make your designs appear even more beautiful and visually appealing by simply choosing the right fonts for it.
In this round up, you will discover 30 outstanding examples of typography used in poster designs. These posters vary in colors and styles, and will provide a good source of inspiration for you. Scroll through our wonderful collection and be inspired. Do let us know what you think about this compilation. Have fun!!

Requiem for a Dream

25 Stunning Photo Manipulations Inspired by Nature

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Nature is always inspiring and this is the reason why many designers incorporate certain elements of nature in their web designs. But for this time, we are showcasing some great examples of photo manipulations that are inspired by nature. You may have noticed that nature has been featured a lot in different photo manipulation work and this is because it provides the great and visually engaging environment for the photo manipulation work.
In this round up, we have gathered a huge range of stunning and visually appealing photo manipulations that are inspired by nature. Take some time to look into these masterpieces and try to perceive repeating patterns between them. Enjoy!

Out of Frame Nature