25 Free Feather Photoshop Brushes

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In this post, we are sharing some excellent and free feather Photoshop brushes for you to download. Photoshop brushes always come in handy no matter what type of artwork you are creating. For this session, we are compiling an ultimate collection of some high quality feather brushes that can very easily be incorporated in Adobe Photoshop and provide realistic results.
You can use these brush sets for your next projects. We have gathered them Deviant Art and make sure that all the brushes are of high resolution so that they can provide sensuous and delicate results. Once again, it’s our pleasure to share with you what we have gathered from all over the web. We hope that this collection will help you with your masterpieces. Click through and feel free to download. Do let us know what you feel about this round up.

Feathers Photoshop Brushes

Feather Brushes

Feather brushes – set 03

Feathers Brushes Set 1

Feather Brushes


Duck Feathers II

Peacock feathers brushes

11 feather brushes

Guinea Feathers brushes



LoS Stock

Photoshop CS – Feather set 2

Feather Brush

Feather brushes 01

Feather Brushes 2

Feather Brush Set 1

Feather Brushes PS – 01

Feather Brushes

Feather brushes

Feather Brushes

Feather Brushes


Feather Brushes

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