Showcase of Funny Character Illustrations from CGSociety

Today, we are presenting a showcase of extremely funny and amusing character illustrations from CG Society. We all know very well that 3D illustration is one of the most successful and pleasurable part of computer graphics. We frequently see 3D models, 3D renderings and solutions for video games that were designed by using many software that give them such an amazing and photorealistic look.
Well of course this is not something that one can very easily create but still if you have the desire and the passion to create then you can visit CG Society to take some good ideas.
Hence today we are showcasing exceptionally innovative yet funny character illustrations from CG Society members. I hope the below examples make you smile!!!


Smurf Sighting





The Bunny Baseball Team

Alien Tako Sashimi



I’m On Fire


Happy onion!

The Pirates of Dark Water

The Pirates of Dark Water

Oliver & Spike Art

Thirsty Crab

Fulgencius The Wise


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