20 Free GUI Icon Sets For Web Designers

Here we are presenting 20 free and extremely helpful icon sets for your download. Every designer is well aware of the importance of icon sets and this is the reason why even the most experienced and professional designers constantly look for the fresh and high quality icon sets that they can download and use according to their needs and design requirements.
A well designed and visually captivating icon not only provides the information but also acts as a primary symbol that makes communication between the visitors and web pages easier and smoother. Come and look into these colorful and cute icons that will certainly gratify your everyday computer handling… Enjoy!!!

Onebit free icon set

Milky – A free stock vector iconset

Onebit free icon set #2

Iconza Icons

Basic set

Coquette Icon Set

Coquette Icons Set 2

Developpers Icons

Mini Pixel Icons

Free web development icons #4 SE

Free Wireframe Toolbar Icons for GUI designers

SEM Labs Web Blog Icon Pack

Free Web Application Icons Set


User Interface Design Framework


Tango Icon Library

LED Icon Set

102 GUI Icons from Iconblock

Function Icon Set


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