30 Free Photoshop Hair Brushes

This time, we are presenting a fresh collection of free Photoshop hair brushes that will come in handy for your design work. With these Photoshop hair brushes, you can easily complete your photo manipulation tasks. These high quality hair brush sets will allow you to retouch the original hair the way you want. Photo manipulation always is a fun and with these brushes you can change the length and even the style of your model’s hair in an instant.
Without any further ado, we present the complete list of free Photoshop hair brushes for you. Feel free to download as many you want; and share your opinion via comment section below. We hope that you will like this assortment.

Photoshop HAIR brushes

V.2 Dynamic Hairy Brushes


Vintage Hair Brushes

Very Hairy Brushes III

Hair Brushes 2

Free Hi-Res Photoshop Hair Brushes

Hair Brush set by Kittyd-Stock

Hair brushes by ALiceFaux

Hair brushes set

Hair brush set

Wavy Hair Strands Brushes

Hair Brushes II

Sphu’s Hair Brush V.2

Hair Brush Pack

Hair Smudge Brushes

EMo-Hair Brushes

Hair Brushes

Hair set 02 by Joana-Batista

Woman Hair Photoshop Brushes

Hair Brushes I

Very Hairy Brushes

Hair Brushes

Hair Photoshop Brushes

Hair Brushes I

Hairbrushes by Lockstock

Ario Asten hair brushes

Brushes per Photoshop: curly hair

Hair Brushes Set II


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