30 Vintage Textures for Designers

Vintage look or vintage style has been quite trendy in the recent years, and this is the reason why designers also are trying to incorporate a vintage look in their artworks. One of the easiest ways to incorporate certain style in your design is by using texture. This is because textures are among those design resources that help you create great designs without much effort.
Here we present a compilation of some amazing and high quality vintage textures for you that you can download and use for free. With the help of such textures, you can effortlessly draw attention to your images to better portray the vintage feel that you are trying to get. Although all the textures presented below are free to use but we would appreciate if you read the terms and conditions before using them for commercial purposes.

Victorian grunge texture pack

Vintage strip texture

Vintage Grunge Texture Pack

Vintage III Texture Pack

15 textures art vintage

Remembering Daisy

Two vintage textures

Vintage diamonds

Vintage old-book

Vintage Sand and stone texture

Vintage II Texture Pack

Vintage Polka Dot Texture by Aeiryn

Big-stain vintage texture

Vintage strip texture

Vintage Texture I

Vintage Starburst: Texture Pack

Large Torn Paper Texture

Vintage Wine Texture

Vintage Star Pattern: Texture Pack

Texture 26: Desert vintage butterflies

Vintage candy stripes

Vintage Texture 36

Vintage blue flowers

Vintage Textures

Design a Vintage Car Poster with Grunge Texture, Font and Brushset in Photoshop


High-Res Vintage Postal Textures

Vintage sepia postcard

Free vintage sepia photo frame border card texture for layers

Blue vintage decay

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