25 Awesome Blue Themed Photography

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We occasionally present some collections based on particular themes and keeping that custom alive, here we are showcasing yet another exciting and inspirational assortment of 25 brilliantly designed blue themed images that we are sure you will like.
Blue is an unexplained color with a broad array of positive and negative implications. Blue color can be related to the sadness if we talk about English while in German it suggests drunk. Alternatively, blue skies are linked with pleasure and good times, and people reimburse thousands of dollars every year in the hunt for bright, blue seas in which they can kick up their heels.
Below, you will discover 25 stunning and dazzling blue images catching what you might be expecting, similar to the sky and the ocean, and what you might not, like eggs, sneakers and wildlife.

Happy Monday Blues

Blue Goo


Blue jay

Color Splash Sunglasses

Blue Rose Macro

Accentuate BLUE

Spaceman Blue: Relax


Red or Blue?

Girl Wearing Blue Holding Blueberries

Blue flower



Water Blue

Ice Blue

Autumn Poem!/Poème d’automne!

GOSMS WP7 Blue Theme Free


Door in Frigiliana, Southern Spain


Flowers in Peru

Blue Walls

Blue Wall Through a Blue Doorway

Blue Ice Cave

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