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Social networking has become a key component in our daily life because the phenomenon of social networking has now changed the face of social interaction. There is a plethora of social networking websites that let you interact with your friends and relatives no matter how far they are. These websites vary in their concept and the target audience they cater to. Zurker is a new social networking website that has been developed keeping users’ concerns in mind. Though there are plenty of websites for social networking that are running on different concept, and are quite popular among the masses yet they pose the risk of privacy breach. Keeping the private information save is the most important thing for every internet user. Zurker has designed in such a way that it keeps the privacy of its members at its utmost importance.

Eager to Know About Zurker?

Zurker is a different kind of social networking website that goes far beyond the bunch of other social networking websites. Many people would assume that Zurker is just another egg in the basket that is not more than a new website with more or less same features that they already have experienced in different websites. Well, Zurker is a more promising and secure social networking platform that gives you full freedom without any tension regarding your privacy being breached. At Zurker, you not only own your own data but will also own the entire network which is a unique feature if you compared with other social networking websites. Furthermore, with a little investment of your time, you can also share the revenue as well.

Zurker, the Member-owned and Profit Sharing Website

What makes Zurker unique from other social networking websites is that it is a member owned and profit sharing website. Unlike many other social networking platforms where you share and expand the network without any benefit, Zurker gives you the righteous benefits for all your efforts to grow and expand your network. Putting in simple words; if you invite more friends to your Zurker network, you will earn more equity, in order that it turns out to be better and better. Consequently, when more people join your network, your network will expand and grow and this will ultimately leads to increase in your revenue.

In addition, Zurker maintains Open Books policy for all its members with the intention of keeping transparency in the process with the intention that their member will become a genuine part of the revenue game.

Some More Cherries to the Zurker Cake

Zurker is more than just a social networking website. It surpasses the many other ordinary social networking platforms with its good number of interesting and useful features. The uniqueness of the concept is what that makes Zurker future best social networking website. Here are some main points that set Zurker apart from other websites:

  • Zurker is a member oriented social networking website that means it has driven by the concepts of its members.
  • Zurker possesses an extraordinarily appropriate and self-governing approach along with the statistics that are open for all its members.
  • Zurker keeps the privacy of its members at its utmost importance and never shares member personal information. Furthermore, it maintains separate personal and business pages; and does not have any spam system.
  • According to the statistics, Zurker has got a higher educational level of the members making it a better place for the educated and literate people.

Why don’t you give it a try?

This was just a small review about Zurker, the true greatness and wonderfulness can only be experienced when you give it a try. Zurker surely is a unique concept that stands apart from the plethora of other social networking websites. You should give it a try. So, do not waste time and sign up there! Possess your own social network!

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