25 Clever and Effective Minimalist Print Ads

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Nowadays advertisement has become a major part of marketing campaign of any product or service. With right kind of advertisement, you can convey the right message about the product or service just in a few seconds or even with a single image – that’s the power of advertisement.
In today’s assortment, we are showcasing 25 creative and truly effective minimalist print ads for you that for sure affect the success of promotion. The concept of minimalism focuses on simplicity but creating a print ad based on minimalism concept is really hard. However, the result is always outstanding. Today, we want to dig into some creative ways you can put minimalism in print ads. We hope that this compilation will draw new ideas to inspire and improvise the ordinary ads.



Scrabble: Baseball (Beisbol)




Bosch Electric Screwdriver

Garden Cafe

Strongermarriage.com: Me


Nori: Japanese food from 11AM

Minimalism (31)



Clever Minimalist Print Ads DeMilked

Ace: Shark

Cannes Young Lions: Baby Bottle

Hospital Aleman: Tree

Listerine: Fish

Original Mitsubishi Parts: Porcupine

Western Union: Shelter

Sensodyne toothpaste: Hard hat

Rios Illustration Studio: Eiffel Tower

Bingo Stain Remover: Orange

Hospital Aleman: Cookies

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