30 Showcase of Vintage Ads And Typography

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Have you ever imagined how people were used to craft ads before the invention of Photoshop and every other thing digital? Yes, by using their hands and imaginative minds. The vintage ads that we are showcasing here include stunningly crafted typography, design and colors. While after the mid of 1900’s, retro ads took the place with their extremely colorful, understandable, elegant typographic approach.
every now and then, the vintage and retro ads designs come extremely handy for the modern day designers as they are filled with loads of inspiration and pure imagination. Keeping this in mind, we compiled this collection of some great and stunning vintage ads and typography. We hope you like this collection. Enjoy!

Treat your hotdog with respect

The Frustrations of Life at 3′ 8″

Curtiss Candy, 1953

Turn Your Body Into Text!

Ducati 1970

In honor of “Footloose”

Easy Going ’50’ Ale

Bip Bip!

Vitals 1950

Fighting the Ughs

ess What’s at Hudson’s

Coke 1993

Some of My Best Rats are Friends 1970

Robt. Burns Panatela – 19610825 Life

Men’s clothing

Lagerfeld Classic

Lots ‘O Teeth

America Airlines 1970

Humpty Dumpty’s Out of this World Flavour


The Killer Shrews



Pall Mall: Wherever Particular People Congregate

TV Tuffet

Old Gold Cigarettes

Land Sakes!

1+1=More Profit for Campbell’s!, 1967


Great Lakes Recruit Magazine Ad

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