30 Creative Examples of Edge Painted Business Cards

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Business cards hold their own importance and significance in representing your professional identity. No matter how small or big your business is, a business card always is more than a piece of paper for you in particular and for your business in general.
Getting your business card printed in high quality has a great effect on advertising your business and in addition it is one the least pricey form of marketing. Regardless of what sort of business you are in but if you possess a well designed and eye-catching business card, trust me you are one step ahead from your competitors.
Therefore, today we have put together a showcase of 30 creative examples of edge painted business cards. These types of business cards are regularly thick in order that the color of the edge is decipherable and they will certainly attract your customers.

Celestielle Letterpress Business Cards – Front

Tina Durocher, design






New Business Cards

Ricardo Business Card

We Events Letterpress Business Card With Painted Edge

Jason & Anna Photography


Greg Anderson

Sexy Business Card

Custom Business Cards


Image Now Card Design

NIkki N

Edge Painted Business Cards

Villainy Black Business Card, Gold Edge

19 Marks Design Business Cards

Edge Painting Can Make Your Business Cards

Space 150 v25 Business Cards

David burke

Chaotic Moon Studios Colateral

Aphro Chic Blotter Business Cards


Inspiration Home, edge painting.


Electric Green Edges

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