30 Outstanding Examples of Vexel Artwork Illustrations

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Here we are showcasing a round up of 30 most outstanding and amazing vexel art illustrations for your inspiration. The use of vexel can truthfully put in remarkable depth to your design that is not possible to pull off solely through vector. Vexel basically is the new trend in the domain of vector art that adds a stunning sense of depth and volume to your design work that is not easy to achieve. In simple words, vexel is the pixel-based form of raster art. The word vexel is the combination of two words: vector and pixel.
Here we have put together some examples of vexel art illustrations so that you can see how it replicates the visual appearance of vector graphics technique and give your design word a unique appearance. Enjoy!

Opel Astra OPC – Vexel

Once in a while


Edge of Glory

Keefer Vexel by Oz


Chris Martin

Jackson Rathbone


Don’t be so Coy

Closing in.

Eternal Flame


Digital Portraits (Vexels)

Megan fox vexel

Awe and Peace

Hard Candy: Scarlett Johannson


Voulez’ Vous


Ashley Greene Vexel

Dance with the moonlight

Sparkle of Truth

I Think I Saw a Tear…


Dove – Vexel

Reese – Vexel

Thawana Broska

Fear of the dark


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