15 World Famous Mascots For Inspiration

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Mascots are defined as the characters that identify any specific event or sport team or a group of people in a way that they represent that particular event. Mascot is an image and it can be any image of a person or animal or any object and so on. Nearly all major and famous events have got their mascots including Olympics and World Cup. The authority also gives their mascots a name so that people all over the world can call their mascot with its name.
Right before the event, the authorizing committees short-listed mascots for the upcoming grand event; and if you are wondering what mascots have been short-listed for Olympic 2014, then stop wondering. Here we are presenting 15 short listed designs. So, enjoy!

Mascot with paper


Super Mario


Different Android Mascots

Burger King

NBA Mascot

Midgets Mascots

London Olympics mascots

Nestle Nesquik

Prehistoric Monster

McDonald’s Mascot

South Africa 2010

Fido is back

All commercial mascots

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