Showcase of Beautifully Designed Blue Logos

Yet another exciting collection of blue logo designs. There are many reasons why many businesses prefer to choose color blue for their corporate logo design or brand identity. The first and foremost reason is that the color blue in many cultures stands for intelligence, trust, deepness, intelligence, self-assurance, faith, and legitimacy. Furthermore, blue is the color of the nature; it is the color of sky, it is the color of ocean and therefore, it is also often linked with serenity and tranquility.
Below, we are presenting some great examples of beautifully designed blue logos. In this compilation, you can notice the variety of blue shades used in these logos from lapis lazuli to sky blue.
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Next Vision

Circle Blue Wave Logo design for 99designs

Torres Blue Seafood


FC Managed Services

Sea Change

Candado Náutico

Peru Water Project

World Gem Trade

Pixel8ed Creative Studio

Organizations forum

Ex Libris

Blue Tribal Logo Design Graphic

Blue Laguna Logo

Corporate Logo Design – Blue River

Insomnia Entertainment Logo

Shot In Blue logo design

Joys gallery

Undersea Productions

City College

Malawi shop

Aqua Bird Consulting


Interactive Lion

Blue Whale Agency


Pet Shop Blue Logo Design

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