30 Tutorials Teaching You How to Create Your Own Icons

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An icon in any web design although is a small but very important and crucial element. Icons can be defined as small symbols that also serve as a communication medium and inform the website visitors of what they can expect when a button is clicked or an option is chosen. You may have seen some extremely detailed icons that look like photographs, and alternatively you may also have seen some very simple and minimalist icons.
In this round up, we are providing you a fresh collection of more than 30 great tutorials you can learn creating awesome icons from. For your convenience, we have divided this round up in to three different sections: Photoshop Tutorials, Illustrator Tutorials and Useful articles in Icon design. Enjoy!

Create a Mobile App Icon in Photoshop

Create a Colorful Cake Illustration in Photoshop

Create a Glossy High Resolution Box Art Icon with Photoshop

How to Create a Beautiful Guitar Icon in Photoshop

Projector Icon Design Tutorial

How to Create a Social Media UFO Icon

Create a Motorola Droid Style Phone in Photoshop

Create a Realistic iMac Icon in Photoshop

Create an Electrical Outlet Icon in Photoshop

Cubite graphics design logo icon

Drawing Mircosoft’s XBOX 360 in Photoshop

3D Mp3 Player

How to Create a Moka Express Icon

How to Create a Quirky Twitter Bird in Corel Draw

How to Create a Vector Sketchbook

How to Create a Transparent Battery Icon

Quick Tip: How to Create a Glossy Biohazard Icon

How to Create a Cute Valentine’s Day Icon with Adobe Illustrator

How to Draw a Vector, Music Folder Icon

Vista Folder Icon Tutorial

Create a Vector Lock Icon Design


Design a Detailed Audio Receiver Icon in Photoshop

Create a Futuristic Bicycle Icon in Photoshop

Create a Detailed Camera Icon in Photoshop

How To Draw a Vintage Polaroid Camera Icon

How To Create a Detailed Gauge Icon in Photoshop

Create an Apple Safari Icon in Photoshop

Learn To Create A Glowing Google Plus Icon

How to Create an Envelope Icon in Photoshop

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