25 Stunning Examples of Bokeh Photography

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Here, we are presenting a wonderful compilation of some stunning examples of Bokeh photography that has been gaining huge popularity among the photographers as well as among the general audience. The reason why it is getting so much popular is that a Bokeh photograph showcases the main subject in a perfectly visible condition while the rest of the photograph is blurred. This creates a visually alluring effect that pleases the onlookers’ eyes.
Below, you will find 25 excellent photographs that express both enigma and nostalgia. Here is the full list after the jump. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this visual treat!

Magdalena’s Bokeh

Bokeh Lights Christmas Shoot

Inside of a tibetian restaurant

Cup of bokeh

Bokeh bubbles

F a l l e n


A Summer Dream

Glass / Bokeh / Photography

Blue-Silver Tinsel


The Smell of Bokeh


Time Stands Still

We Had Magic

Morning tea

Bokeh Photography



Liquid Gold

Bokeh After Rain

Web Full of Gold

The Beatles


When The Question Is About Hunger…

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