15 Auto Completion Scripts for Better User Experience

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Auto completion scripts are there for those developers who are running out of time but want to create some stunning and fully functional web applications. In this post, we have gathered some useful and supportive auto completion scripts which provide your user a better experience and they are also very helpful for your future projects.
By using auto completion scripts, you can provide suggestions to your users while they are filling some online form. Auto completion scripts can assist your users by suggesting them some data such as countries, date, month, year currencies, areas and etc. You can also make your own script if you have knowledge about creating your own auto completion scripts.

AutoSuggest: An AJAX auto-complete text field

Ajax-driven JavaScript ComboBox with Autocomplete

Google Suggest Style Filter with the Ajax ASP.net AutoComplete Control

A fancy Apple.com-style search suggestion

Ajax AutoComplete for jQuery

New component (auto_complete) in prototype UI

Ajax autocomplete with jquery and php

AutoComplete 1.2 Scriptaculous

Mootools Autocompleter

AutoSuggest jQuery Plugin

ASP.NET AJAX AutoComplete Control


jQuery Tag Suggestion

Auto-complete Control

YUI 2: AutoComplete

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