Awesome Examples of Doodles in Web Design

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With this collection, we are sharing with you some amazing examples of doodles in web designs. All the web designers strive for creative and unique web designs and for that they incorporate different ideas to bring out the best for their clients. Using doodles and hand drawn illustrations in the web designs is not a new trend; it has been practiced since over the last few years. Hand drawn illustrations and doodles add a personal feel to your website, and embody the designer’s creative skills and confidence.
Here is the showcase of 20 awesome and extremely creative examples of doodles in web designs. We hope that this collection inspires you to create your own creative and unique web design.


25 Beautiful Dark-themed Web Designs for Inspiration

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Employing a dark color theme in a website design can put many types of feelings and emotions into words towards its visitors. Restlessness, sophistication, modernism — these are just a small number of things that can be coupled with dark colors.
There are innumerable of dazzling dark-themed web designs on the Web. In today’s web design showcase, you will uncover 25 specially selected websites that employ a principally dark color palette. Dark color theme for a website design draws a lot of interest from designers. Therefore, we thought it would be suitable to pursue that up with a collection of 25 Beautiful Dark-themed Web Designs that have dark colors. Like always, feel free to leave your comments and mention your favorites.


8 jQuery Plugins that Will Make your Life Easier

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Thanks to the ease of use and popularity of jQuery plugins, things have become so much easier for the web developers and designers as well. With the help of jQuery plugins, developers can write JavaScript in a better way and can create improved and more functional web applications.
Here, we are presenting 8 jQuery plugins that will make developers life easier. With these plugins, you can completely change the way website users interact with website or web applications. So, what are you waiting for? Explore these plugins and enjoy using them in your work. Enjoy!


Mighty Deals: Smart Service for Web Design Professionals

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Tagged Under : is a website that offers amazing and exclusive deals for the web professionals and graphic designers. Being a creative professional, one always needs some tools at hands so that he can complete his tasks properly and on time as well. Tools such as WordPress themes, Photoshop brushes, high quality royalty images, and vector graphics and so on are very crucial for the web designers and creative professionals.

Collection of Free WordPress Themes

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WordPress theme is a great way to personalize your WordPress blog or website and finding out just the right theme for you that you were looking for the days and month is surely a great gift. Many people would consider slight to nothing of paying money for a premium WordPress theme if it is accurately what they were seeking. This is because a $40 investment in a premium theme for professional website design is comparatively simple when compared with spending thousands of dollars on a unique design.
Here is the full list after the jump. We hope you enjoy the list 🙂


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High Quality Stock Photos at

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There are many places on the internet you can get photos from and is the best place among them. You can browse a plethora of quality photos and can select them for your work as well. This is not only beneficial for the online bloggers who are looking for some quality images for their blogs but is equally useful for the photographers and online advertisers. Depositphotos offers a huge variety of high quality royalty images, vector images as well as stock illustrations. Paying for the low quality images is a real nuisance for the internet marketers but when you are getting photos of supreme quality then obviously no one would bother to pay few bucks for them.

30 Free Hair Photoshop Brushes

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Photoshop hair brushes are applied in order to add new and cool looks to your human art images .You can bring into play different hair brushes shapes provided by different designers. Photoshop hair brushes most probably are the most undervalued brush sets but they get loads of downloads thanks to their utility in photo manipulations.
Photoshop hair brushes are mostly used in a lot of photo manipulation projects where retouching the original hair is needed or where adding a new style up would make you a digital hair stylist. You can even bring these brushes into play on backgrounds if you want to blend some elements that you feel don’t fit well. Here is the useful compilation of 30 free hair Photoshop brushes that you can download and use. Enjoy!

hair brushes II

12 Free Tools for Testing Website Speed

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Checking out how fast your website loads on a web browser is a crucial step when it comes to website usability and thus ultimately its success. Attention spans and the level of patience of online users are getting shorter and shorter. Online users tend to get very impatient when a web page they want to visit does not load properly; and thus they leave the website. Therefore, it is important that you check your website performance as well as its ability to render speedily from time to time.
In this collection, you will discover 12 free online tools that are designed for website speed testing. These tools will help you in building up a faster website by identifying the problem areas you need to pay attention to. So, without any further ado, here is the complete list. Enjoy!

Load Impact

35 Free HTML5 and CSS Templates

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HTML5 and CSS3 are playing a very important role in the world of web development and designing because HTML5 and CSS3 have additional and great features which save time and reduce the tension of designers. Professionally designed HTML5 and CSS3 templates are quite popular among the web developers because of the reason that they save their time in achieving their goals easily and effortlessly.
In this round up, we have gathered 35 useful and free HTML5 and CSS3 templates for you. These templates mostly are fairly more corporate and business-oriented than others, but they are all of excellent quality templates. Click through and feel free to download…
Do let us know what you feel about this round up.


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45 Handy and Free UI Kits for Web and Mobile

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Once again, we have come up with another exciting and fresh collection of UI design kits with PSD files. We all know that how much PSD files are helpful for all the designers. In this post, we are showcasing an irresistible and superb collection of free and fresh UI design kits along with PSD files especially for the designers to make their design work easier. These UI design kits with PSD files will definitely prove to be a good friend for the designers and make their handling very easy also. Every designer should add these UI kits in their toolbox.
These design kits will be of great assistance for you if you use them in your future projects. Furthermore, you can download these UI design kits for free of cost. We hope you like this collection. Enjoy this amazing collection everyone!!!

Futurico – UI Elements Pack