25 jQuery Drag and Drop Plugins

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Today, we have come up with another collection of some jQuery plugins for you and this time we are presenting drag and drop plugins. jQuery has made web development easier and faster; now the developers can accomplish difficult things quite easily. The reason of its ease of use is the numbers of plugins that are available for jQuery.

For today’s round up, we have collected a useful compilation of some amazing jQuery drag and drop plugins for you. We hope that you will find these plugins useful for you. So, enjoy looking into this collection and have more fun using them for your work. Here is the full list. Enjoy!

Customizable layout using drag and drop

How to Mimic the iGoogle Interface

Jquery Iviewer

Drag’n Drop With jQuery And PHP




Sortable Lists

Drag-and-Drop with jQuery

Ultra small code to drag everything in HTML pages

jQuery Reel Plugin

Drag to Share

Interface plugin for jQuery

Creating a Draggable Sitemap with JQuery

Drag & Drop with PHP & jQuery

Drag and Drop Captcha

Collapsible Drag & Drop Panels Using jQuery


jQuery mb.containerPlus


How to create a simple drag and drop with jQuery

jQuery Resizable and Draggable

Drag scrollable

jQuery List DragSort

jQuery UI multiple draggable plugin

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