Awesome Examples of Doodles in Web Design

With this collection, we are sharing with you some amazing examples of doodles in web designs. All the web designers strive for creative and unique web designs and for that they incorporate different ideas to bring out the best for their clients. Using doodles and hand drawn illustrations in the web designs is not a new trend; it has been practiced since over the last few years. Hand drawn illustrations and doodles add a personal feel to your website, and embody the designer’s creative skills and confidence.
Here is the showcase of 20 awesome and extremely creative examples of doodles in web designs. We hope that this collection inspires you to create your own creative and unique web design.



Yellow Bird Project

Kev Adamson



Art Attack

Low Morale

Philippe Mignotte

Kez Human Jukebox

Alessandro Cavallo


il etait une foire

Hugs for Monsters

Arun’s Folio

Carnet Ordinaire


I Pole Cat

Candc Coffee

Cherno by I Heart

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