IM-Creator – The Easiest Way to Build Websites

There are many websites that offer website building services for free of cost but not all of them offer best functionality that a website needs to work properly. IM-Creator is the platform that offers free website building services with extremely easy to use tools that anyone can easily operate. With IM-Creator, now you can quickly design a fully functional website without hiring expensive web developers and designers.

IM-Creator is a free website builder that lets you build quality websites for your business or for your personal use as well. The website offers features that help you build your website around your personal interests and needs so that it will be more profitable for you.

To be precise, the website offers you a huge variety of templates that are categorized into different categories. The availability of free website templates let you choose the most appropriate template for your new website.

Using IM-Creator for building up a website is very easy and even a novice can easily use the website and create a website by following few simple steps. No coding or technical knowledge is required when you use IM-Creator.

About IM-Creator

IM-Creator is a free website builder that contains a huge variety of free website templates to choose from. Jonathan Saragossi is the founder of this wonderful free online HTML based website builder. The website was designed to offer economical and attractive website building services without requiring the users to code the website. The customization options offered in this website are really great and you can customize almost every aspect and element of your website. IM-Creator offers you the best functionality to keep the website building process effective and enjoyable.

Editing and Customizing Options
IM-Creator is an easy to use web application for creating website quickly and effortlessly. The website offers you the most economical and stylish way to build your website. Simply choose your template or start with a blank page and then start editing it. You can easily customize images, backgrounds, favicons, colors, fonts, can add your own content and give your website a personal touch. Images can be resized quite easily and several other elements can also be included such as videos, titles, slideshows, forms, text boxes and so on. Moreover, you will be provided with an IM-Creator URL you can add more pages to it or can buy a new one. You will also be enabled to keep track of your website success.


The pricing IM-Creator offers are very reasonable and affordable as well. For buying hosting and custom domain, there are different packages. These include $9.95 per month for six months, $7.95 per month for one year or $6.95 per month if you subscribe for two years. Moreover, $10 extra needs to be paid per year if you want to buy a new domain for your website. Such a reasonable pricing for a professional looking website is really a great deal.

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