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Today, we compiled an ultimate list of WordPress tutorials that is helpful not only for beginners but also for the professional WordPress developers. We also brought together some of practical tips and tricks in this roundup that you can take advantage from. Many bloggers and companies prefer to start their work on open source resources and as we know that a wide range of bloggers and developers are using WordPress as open-source for their corporate websites as well as for news blogs, product websites, job portals, image gallery blog, video streaming blog, technology blog, and portfolio websites and so on.
Everyone wish for designing and developing WordPress theme with exclusive layout, styling and on the whole presentation of WordPress website. For this, you just have to install WordPress and this is not difficult at all even a newbie can easily do that.

How to create your own WordPress functionality plugin

Create a Custom Login Page for your WordPress Theme

Introduction to Custom Hooks and Pluggable Functions

How to Install WordPress on Your Site

How to install WordPress manually

How to utilize Google resources in WordPress

How To Localize WordPress Themes and Plugins

How to create your own Powered By system like ours

Common sense WordPress SEO strategy

How to Format Images for Feed ReadersHow to Format Images for Feed Readers

Increase your Newsletter Subscribers with a Popup Plugin

How to improve local WordPress development on a Mac

How to find WordPress themes, quickly and easily

Notify Your Theme Users About Updates in their Dashboard

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