4 Tips for Building a Better Website

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Every business needs a website, but the website has to be built correctly or it will be of no value. Every aspect of a website must be paid attention to in order to get the right results. Concentrating solely on the website design and ignoring the content will result in a gorgeous website no one will ever use. Only by encompassing all the important aspects of your website is it possible to get the results you are looking for. Make sure you have good website design, content, an identifiable brand and proper linking. The result is a better website and a more effective online presence.


Website Design is Important

If you market correctly, you will generate a lot of traffic directed at your website. What people see when they arrive at your website will determine whether they will stay or not. Good website design enhances navigability. A common error is to think website design stops with the look of the site, but this is a mistake as only by including good navigation tools makes the website useful to those who visit your site. Remember, if they cannot find what they are looking for, they will simply go elsewhere.

Content is Still King

According to Inc.com, content is still very much king and you cannot build website online without it. The focus of content has changed along with the change in the Google algorithm. Keywords are still essential to bringing in traffic, but search engines focus even more on the use of useful information. If you are simply regurgitating what has already been posted a million times online, it will be reflected in your place on the search engine results page (SERP).

Identifiable Branding Sells without Selling

Another essential part of building a better website is branding. Developing your company’s name and the way your clients view you can make or break your business. You need an identifiable brand that is omnipresent in the lives of your clients and potential clients. It is important every time they think about needing the types of products or service you provide that your name is on the forefront of their mind.

Proper Linking Maintains Your Traffic

Even with Google’s new changes to the algorithm, links are still very important to the success of any website. The difference is that now the links have to be quality links. Focus on links with heavy link weights by linking to authority sites, like those ending in .org and .edu. If these types of sites link to yours, it will help to boost your place in the SERPs even higher. Google has been giving warnings for unnatural links since early in 2012. If you receive one of these warnings, it is essential to make sure the link is broken at once. A better plan is to avoid them in the first place as you build the site.

By following these four tips, you will have the kind of website that gets the right attention. Make sure you are using good website design, great content, an identifiable brand and proper linking to get the best results.

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