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When the talk is about website builders most professional designers would turn the other way, even though it takes away hours of coding, they’re also generally created with the amatuer in mind. Webydo is shaking things up and changing the way you think about website creators. Putting the power back in the designers hands and providing them with a design platform to create, manage & execute professional, pixel perfect websites. Interestingly enough, just 3% of all websites that are being developed on DIY builders seeonly 1-3% live. Having said this, there is space for a professional quality website builder, like Webydo to keep quality design and costs low, considering the fact that an average of 70% of the costs of web designing goes to coding.

Problem: Code. Solution: Webydo 
Designers are creative people who can’t stand monotonous jobs. Coding is the most tedious job that you can think of in the web development process. This is exactly why website builders have space in the market and Webydo perfectly fits into this vacuum.  To make your life easy, the platform is fully equipped with a robust design management system that allows you to design a site just the way you want it.

Features That Make It Awesome

    • Design – As a designer you don’t want a tool to limit your creativity and Webydo has no shortage of features to embody your boldest web design idea. The Design Management System offers you Photoshop like tools that allow you to convert your vision and concepts into reality. You can make use of the drag-and-drop editor to achieve pixel perfect design. You don’t have to worry about the technical part as the patent pending code generator automatically converts your design into a W3C valid code. You design while Webydo does the hard lifting.


  • Management – The integrated CMS allows you to easily change, delete or update any content element on your website, independently. The WYSIWYG ensures that your clients will be able to make changes and preview them on CMS canvas. You can set permissions for your clients so they can make changes without altering the design elements. You’ll also be able to optimize your site for search engines, keep track of the site’s performance with analytic tools and build a complete band using Webydo using the “Build your Brand” feature element.
  • Hosting – Does the thought of purchasing or choosing a hosting plan give you a headache? Webydo will take care of all these aspects as you can leave all the hosting related issues to the professionals. Here everything works out of the box and you can choose a hosting plan in a snap. Your site will go live without having to set anything up. Webydo’s rock solid servers would ensure the best load time on a powerful hosting cloud. Webydo also offers such features as: Content Delivery Networks, Automatic Backups and high levels of security to the website.

Pricing Plans

For all the advantages that you have just heard what are you willing to pay? Well, Webydo has priced this tool highly competitively. To start with you can try out the ‘Free’ plan with which you enjoy Webydo’s sub-domain and can create 15 pages with it. Apart from this you get unlimited bandwidth and 1GB of storage.  The ‘Premium’ plan entitles you to your own domain, 2GB storage space, unlimited download and unlimited number of pages. This comes for $9.90 month if billed per month or $7.90 month when billed annually. Considering the fact that this tool can reduce the expenditure on coding, you can easily calculate the monetary benefits of it.

Webydo is on the rise and building their professional designers community every day and currently have over 25K designers. Join the conversation and vote on the Participate on which features Webydo should next create. You vote, Webydo Listens. It was been built by designers, for designers to give you a potent edge over your competitors.

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