Which 2013 Tablet is Best for Gaming?

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It seems slightly strange now, but when tablet devices first hit the shops, some observers were sceptical about whether there would really be a customer base for them. Now however the likes of the Apple iPad have firmly established themselves – with mobile casino, adventure, role playing and other popular game types being a big reason for this. The fact that tablets offer a bigger screen than smartphones has led many to consider them the jackpot gaming option, and when the iPad 5 is launched next month it should be a big seller. Ahead of that though, which Android tablet of 2013 is best for gaming?


Well one that certainly seems to tick a lot of the boxes for gamers is the Galaxy Tab 3 from Samsung. To start with, at just 8 inches it is one of the smaller tablets out there, making it portable enough to be able to carry around with you. This makes it easy to take from your pocket to play a quick game like online slots, during spare moments in the day, as well as making it comfortable to hold in the hand if you are playing more involved games – like poker or an RPG. However the 7-inch screen you get is still considerably bigger than the average 4.7-inch screens on offer with Android tablets – and the resolution of 1280 x 800 means that it doesn’t come at the cost of image clarity. As the graphics quality of casino, RPG, adventure and other game types improves constantly, the bigger screens and high resolution of a tablet like this makes it ideal for gaming.

There is also the question of power however, as playing cutting edge online casino games demands a fast processor able to deliver smooth performance, and – although it is not the most powerful on the block – the dual-core Exynos 4121 – should not let you down. It delivers 1.5 GHz of power, which should suit the gaming needs of most people. Of course all Android devices suffer from the fact that the Google Play Store is not quite a match for the App Store, but if you like casino games then most mobile casino games are compatible with both operating systems.

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