10 jQuery Plugins for Enhancing Typography

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Typography has always been one of the most important topics of concern for the web designers, and improving and manipulating typography in the best possible way has always been the biggest challenge for the designers as well. With the help of jQuery plugins, now designers can easily improve their web typography.
Keeping this in mind, we thought to compile a post of some jQuery plugins to help web designers and developers in making web typography better. Feel free to share this post with your Facebook friends and let other know about this compilation. Enjoy!


Squishy is a jQuery plugin that automatically resizes text to exactly fit the container with no extra work on your part. You get it to work by linking the script file and including a declaration like the one below in your HTML.


VintageTxt is a jQuery plugin that creates a vintage looking text terminal on your webpage.You Have it type something and then type back.

No Vacancy

Novacancy.js is a text neon golden effect jQuery plugin.

Text Effects

Text Effects is a sci-fi style awesome effect made with jQuery. As a jQuery plugin, you can simply implement the effect on your website with only one line of script.


CSS, meet kerning. Kerning, meet CSS. Kern, style, transform, and scale your web type with real CSS rules, automatically.Kerning.js is a single script, small, and has no dependencies. Add it to your page, add some CSS rules, and your text will be beautified.


TypeButter allows you to set optical kerning for any font on your website. If you’re longing for beautifully laid out text that today’s browsers just don’t provide, this is the plugin for you!

Flow Type

Responsive web typography at its finest: font-size and line-height based on element width.

Slab Text

A jQuery plugin for producing big, bold & responsive headlines.

Bacon For Me

Allows you to align text to a bezier curve or a line.


A simple jQuery plugin for restoring vertical baselines thrown off by odd image sizes.

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