The Profitable Freelancer: Five Offers to Include while Closing a Web Design Job

A web designer that doesn’t see the incredible, profitable actions they are able to offer to clients as they’re closing the job will leave hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on the table. You may feel your job duty is in the design only, but do consider they are now one step closer to their business goals and that means they’re about to take on a whole new level of tasks and objectives.


Want to know these type of offers that will net you extra profits? Start with these five …

1. Ongoing Content Creation

Did you talk to the client about content?

New site owners are catching on about the importance of producing regular content for their community (and to improve search presence). Not many of them have someone in-house that will be doing this content creation and it’s unlikely that the owner will (at least in terms of consistency).

Since you got to learn about their business it’s very possible that you could become their go-to individual for content creation. A blog post a few times a week, set at the right price, won’t take up a lot of your time and should definitely bring in some stable income between finding web clients.

2. Security (and Training)

When you were working with the client, did you get the sense that their business was secure?

The client has made a huge step by going online with their business, which means they could eventually become the target of the malicious type (phishing, viruses, malware, data theft).

A profitable action you can take is to get them acquainted with security by pointing them to a site like, help them select a security program, and then offer a service that trains them about the best usage and practices around security so their business (and customers) stay safe.

3. Ad Copy & Design

An excellent item to bring up to a client is doing some of their ad copy and design. After all, you already have a good amount of the design assets which could be reused for their advertising campaigns. The extra bits you’d need like copy can be figured out in an afternoon during a brainstorming session.

The best part of this offer is that you don’t have to get your hands dirty with the actual advertising platforms which can be somewhat difficult to understand if you’re new to them. All you have to do is provide the creative copy and get paid.

The benefit for the business comes from having ad creative copy that tightly matches their brand and can be a great starting point since they’re fresh to the online market.

4. Sales

For weeks (or months) you have been learning the ins and outs of the business so you could develop the right type of website for their needs and wants. In that time you may have buddied up with the business owner and took an interest in what they have to offer.

Due to your acquaintance you could pitch the owner on the idea of you working for them via sales; this can be done through an implementation of a referral or affiliate program to track leads.

Now you:
·  Send them business
·  Earn a commission on each sale

It’s truly win/win for both parties and shouldn’t be entirely difficult to start due to the relationship that had been built during the web design phase.

5. Regular Backup (and Best Practices)

How many of those small business or individual clients of yours are doing regular backups of their important business files and records? You’d be hard pressed to say all of them, that’s for sure.

Everyone understands the dangers of not doing regular backups but we still don’t do it because we’re simply lazy when it comes to doing the research for a service and putting it into effect.

That’s where you come in.

Once the client is up and running with their site you can come back to them harking on the importance of doing regular backups. Doing backups could earn you a monthly subscription and all you’d really need to do is apply the best practices and give updates when it’s completed.

Dig down into that noggin and try to come up with a list of services or suggestions you could pitch to a client after you’ve closed them on the web design. You’ll be amazed how many options there are which can give you a nice bump in profitability.

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