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Project management and workflow management software are crucial for any business as they bring ground-breaking technology that is helpful in efficaciously planning and executing and collaborating in projects. These software are the key asset for the teams and businesses that offer time-sensitive products and services expected to be delivered with the highest quality.


Comindware is a software company that specializes in workflow automation, adaptive business process management and task management solutions. Founded in 2010, the company is relatively new in the project management game however even in that short period, it has earned a good name for itself. Its product ‘Comindware Project’ provides professional planning capabilities, accurate project execution, collaborative environment and business process automation.

Products & Services offered by Comindware
The company over a very short period of time has successfully released three different products to cater different needs of professionals and businesses. These include:

  • Comindware Project
  • Comindware Tracker
  • Comindware Team Network

Whereas, the company has divided different business process automation solutions into two categories, which are as below.

Comindware Project Solutions

  • Professional Services
  • New Product Development
  • IT Projects
  • Marketing Projects

Comindware Tracker Solutions

  • Departmental Business Apps
  • Workflow for Outlook
  • Workflow for SharePoint
  • BPM Software
  • Task Management

Comindware Project provides automated features and predictive technology along with a more visual user experience that not only lighten the burden of project managers to update the project plan but also help them with valuable real-time information. Therefore, with more accurate information in hand and with less distractions, project managers can easily concentrate more on better planning, execution and collaboration.

Comindware Tracker is a business process automation web bases system integrated with task management and workflow automation system. It is designed to help you with managing your to-do lists and working processes.

Comindware Team Network is designed to help professionals with project execution. It is first of its kind enterprise social tool to radically increase employee engagement and productivity by letting them collaborate more effectively in the context of their work.

Effectively implementing BPMS in your company is very important for the success of your business. On the other hand, many companies interested in preventing data silos consider BPMS implementation one of the major issues. According to the BPMS infographic, approximately 75% of companies use different process automation solutions to lower costs and increase productivity. BPMS infographics have been designed in order to provide you an insight knowledge of what you need to focus on when it comes to implementing BPMS.


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