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Wallpapers are what make your computer appear livelier and motivating especially if these are based on your interests and hobbies. The concept of using video game wallpaper on your computer is actually an interesting idea. Enhance your boring desktop and transform it into a space where you can find entertainment and inspiration. Here are the top 10 best gaming wallpapers to try:

Mario Mushroom

For those who are a fan of Mario Bros Saga, ‘Mario Mushroom’ is a nice fun and amusing wallpaper to install in your desktop. Whenever you see this image, you will be reminded of how exciting it is to get through those obstacles just to save the princess.



If you are a car-racing enthusiast, the S13 is a great enhancement to your desktop. View all images of the S13 and choose one that interests you the most. Perhaps, select a car that’s closest to your dream car.

F1 2012 Game

The F1 race has been around for years and if you are a frustrated F1 racecar driver, the F1 2012 game wallpaper can just put your passion into reality. Browse over a variety of F1 Race wallpapers and consider posting the image that has your favorite racer in it.

Xbox Controller

The Xbox Controller wallpaper is a good way to motivate you in doing well in any game you play. Looking at the latest Xbox Controller on your screen will push you to either upgrade your game console or encourage you to play various kinds of games.


Video Game Posters

Video Games Posters as wallpapers are plentiful today. You can search from puzzle games to war games depending on your interest. Search for these ideas on the net and choose applicable wallpaper that you will find interesting on your PC screen.


Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy comes in various images. This game does not only provide problems to solve, it too has a story to share to the player. Characters are fascinating and the storyline is worth witnessing.

Bioshock Infinite Falling

The Bioshock Infinite Falling wallpaper is a reflection of entering a different world where you need to struggle hard in order to save yourself from evil forces. As a fan of this game, the Bioshock Infinite Falling wallpaper is available for download.

Mass Effect Helmet

Robotic-inspired images are what you can enjoy with the Mass Effect Helmet wallpaper. A wide range of helmets is provided for selection. You are therefore given a variety of helmet designs to choose from.

Take note that you have to check on your computer specs in order to ensure that the wallpaper is compatible with your system. In addition, high-resolution video game wallpapers are more pleasant to the eye. Therefore, download HD copies of wallpapers for your PC. You don’t find in this article an online bingo wallpapers  however, you can create one by searching for a video related to bingo gaming.

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