Top 10 NopCommerce Themes for your eCommerce Sites

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nopCommerce is a stable, reliable and user-friendly open source eCommerce application based on ASP.NET, which is followed by numerous eCommerce site owners. It is easy to create a site using this application. To create a nopCommerce site, you just need to find a reliable ASP.NET hosting package to host your site and install an elegant theme to make your site attractive. You are able to choose the package suiting your needs best from this page and select the theme that you prefer in the following top 10 nopCommerce themes.

Our editors have reviewed 100+ nopCommerce themes and handpicked the following items coming with beautiful look and rich features. Now, proceed to learn each of the selected themes and choose the one you like best.

Nop Tiffany Theme


NopTiffany Theme is supported on NopCommerce 3.50 and 3.40. It is the first of the NopCommerce themes to support fly layout customization where you can easily manage it from the administration. Some of the great features of Tiffany theme include a responsive design, 3 color presets, and the supports of any language and multi-store. Besides the great features, the theme comes with 11 plugins and a demo database is available.

NopClear NopCommerce Theme


NopClear is a free theme with a minimalistic design. The theme is supported on NopCommerce 3.40. The free theme comes with great features including a responsive design that can be enabled and disabled from the admin dashboard. It is available in two color schemes; black for professionalism and yellow for a lively look. You can also add more colors to meet your taste. Other features include the footer content and the product information tabs that work great in all devices.

Nop Alfresco



This theme is supported on a number of NopCommerce versions including NopCommerce 3.50, 3.40, 3.30, 3.20 and 3.10. The theme is fully responsive and gives your store a great look on any device. It supports multi-store and is SEO optimized. The theme has been tested on all major browsers to ensure it works great (you can see that in the demo database). The theme is fully localizable and supports any language.

Furniture Responsive Theme


This is one of the NopCommerce themes that mirrors the work of interior décor. The theme is supported on NopCommerce 3.40, 3.30, 3.20, 3.10, 3.00, and 2.80. It is fully localizable and fully responsive to support any language and be supported on any device. UI elements include dropdown CSS menu and sliders among others. Besides, it includes RTL support. The user are able to get free lifetime upgrades further customize the theme as they like since all the original files are included.

NopMarket Theme


With NopMarket, you do not need a single plugin. It is one of the NopCommerce themes only supported on NopCommerce 3.40. The theme is powered by Bootstrap and is fully responsive supporting all devices. Some of the great features of the theme include product quick views through a modal popup, image zooming and slide-out mini shopping cart among others. The theme comes in 8 different colors to suit different websites.

Computer Responsive Theme


This theme is commonly used for electronics, hardware, mobile phones, digital appliances and computer stores. It is supported on NopCommerce 3.50, 3.40, 3.30, 3.20, 3.10, 3.00 and 2.80. The theme is fully localizable and supports any language. It is fully responsive and is supported on all devices. With Computer responsive theme, you get free lifetime upgrades. Sample data, source codes and PSD designs are included alongside the theme folder.

Theme 4Jewelry


This is a modern and elegant theme that has been designed for cosmetic, fashion, jewelry, computer and electronic online stores. Supporting NopCommerce 3.40., it has been made with a responsive design that gives online shoppers a great view irrespective of the device they use. Besides, it has been tested will major browsers to ensure it works great. The coding of the theme is in HTML5 and CSS 3.

Wedding Responsive Theme


The theme supports NopCommerce 2.80 to 3.40. It is suitable for jewelry, fashion and wedding stores, 100% compatible with major browsers including Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and IE7+. The theme is fully responsive and fully localizable. To this end, it gives the users a great view on all devices and supports any local language. It is easy to install and customize, coming with the user free lifetime upgrades.

Shopomania Responsive Theme


The theme is one of the premium NopCommerce themes. It is a fully responsive theme with a rich design and gives a great look for your store on all devices. It is supported on NopCommerce 3.30 and compatible with all the major browsers including Firefox, opera, IE7+, Google Chrome and Safari. The theme supports all social media buttons and comes in a variety of color schemes for you to choose. Besides its excellent usability, the theme has features like dropdown menu and big slider among others. It sells at $99 on NopCommerce.

Evolution Premium Responsive NopCommerce Theme


This is a new NopCommerce theme. It has not been used for long but it presents users with a great experience to take the eCommerce site to another level. It is supported on nopCommerce 3.40 and it combines an exclusive layout and speed to a variety of color schemes to give users the best. The package is accompanied by 5 plugins. It is fully localizable and is SEO optimized. The Theme has a clean HTML and also CSSS structure. The user enjoys 1 year of free upgrades.

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