Unusual Houses With Human Face

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I believe we all have similar experience during our childhood drawing class – you draw a house with 1 door and 2 windows, and somehow the house looks like it got a face on it! Well, tell you what, the houses in our real world got that ‘face’ too, and here’s another amazing fact – they are even, even funnier than your drawings!
And this is exactly what we want to make your day today – featuring 11 houses with human-like faces that have ridiculously ridiculous potential to amaze and amuse you! Heck, even the house with Hitler-like face is just a small case, most pieces showcased here are guaranteed to cause you greater joy and laughter!
So yeah, just sit tight in your house and enjoy this funny collection of the houses with their naughty face expression. And I’m pretty sure that after this post, you will run out from your house and take a glance at it, just to know that how your lovely house’ face exactly looks like!


I Will Kill You

Funky House

Happy house

House Face

I’m Watching You


I see faces

The house that winked on me


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