9 Hashtag Tools For Social Media Marketing

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Social media is very popular and famous that’s why you can use social media for promoting your blog or website. In this round-up, you will find 10 best and useful Hashtag tools for your social media exposure. All these tools will help you to create improved hashtags and also increase your online exposure.
You can easily identify your post through search engines if you use hashtag. There are so many hashtag tools available in the web but in this collection, you will find all these improved hashtag tools that are new and up to date and enhance your social media campaign. Feel free to share your suggestion and comments with us. You can also share this collection with your social media friends.




Talk Walker






11 Beautiful Text Effects Created With CSS

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Stylish and elegant text or typography can easily make your design stunning and attractive. With the help of CSS, web designers can make their designs look more stylish and eye-catching. CSS provides so many stylish and trendy effects in text which help to enhance the beauty of designs. And if you want to add some more color in text you can also add some animation or clipping through CSS.
In this round-up, we gathered 11 beautiful and attractive text effects created with CSS. With this collection, our aim is to share with you cool and refreshing stocks for the world of creativity and design for free! So browse through and splash. Feel free to share your comments. Your comments are always welcome.

Elastic stroke Animation

Shadow Effect

Animation Text

Slashed Effect

Animated Signature

Shop Talk logo

SVG text mask


Foggy Text Effect

Hit the Floor

SVG Glitch

12 Folded Business Cards That Will Give You Ideas

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In this collection, we are showcasing 12 wonderful and inspiring folded business cards designs for you. With this collection, we want to show designers so many new and creative ways to design aspiring and conveying business card designs for their clients. All these business cards will surely open the new gates of ideas and inspiration. Come and check this collection. Please let us know about your suggestion.
It is our pleasure to share with you some of the most inspiring and creative stuff from the world of web to help you create even more wonderful artwork. Here is the full list after the jump. We hope that you would enjoy this compilation.

Tam Cargo

Laptop Business Card

Folded Business Card

Casabella Furniture Sofa


24 Islands Corporate

Business Cards

Folded Invite Card

Chair Visiting Card

Easel business card

We Are Designers Business Card

7 Online Tools to Increase Employee Productivity

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Employee satisfaction and their productivity are interlinked. Organizations outsource the services of consultants to know how to get their employees motivated, satisfied and productive. Everyone can suggest that how to keep employees productive and satisfied. There are devices that include bio-monitoring, including technology such as heart monitors or posture coaching devices. The question arises, how can small institutions get in on this new trend feasibly? Luckily, there are several devices, apps and software that sound less like science fiction and can still promote productivity and job satisfaction.







10 Best Evernote Alternative

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Currently Evernote is the leader for word based notes taking. Some people are there who thinks that Evernote is so overstuffed and they have got all in one in the form of Evernote, on the other hand, some people want to get the free version that doesn’t entertain their requirements and doesn’t have all the features they want. We are providing you the list of some of the finest Evernote alternates that are available in the market. Some of these are free while other requires you to make a one time payment. It depends on what you enjoy, Evernote or its alternative. So it’s your choice, our options!





Google Keep



Red Notebook

Basket Note Pads

Nix Note

12 Free Tissue Texture For Your Designs

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Finding out free to use and high resolution textures on the internet is a big treat, and most importantly they are the most in demand design elements on the web. For this compilation, we are presenting some of the most creative tissue texture for your designs. All these tissue textures are available in high resolution and free to download. The crinkled look of these tissue texture is prefect to be used on scrapbook pages.
In this round up, we are showcasing 12 beautiful tissue texture in high resolution for you so that you can download them and simplify your work process.

Crumpled Tissue Textures

Gold Tissue Texture 2

Tissue Paper Crumpled Texture



Tissue paper texture

Crinkled Striped Tissue

Tissue Paper Texture 1

Tissue Paper Texture 3

tissue paper

White Tissue Paper Red Plastic

Wooden panels texture

10 Free Ribbons PSD Files

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Here we have come up with yet another useful and exciting collection of PSD files, and this time we are presenting 10 beautiful and stylish ribbons PSD files for you. You can use these ribbon PSD files and can also integrate them into your existing web designs.
Ribbons are used in web design to increase the visual appeal of the web design. You can easily notice that many websites are using such element to beautify their web design. We know that for designer what else could be the best than having such fundamental design element available in ready-to-use format. Do let us know what you think about this compilation. Feel free to share your opinions and comments with us via comment section below.

Free Ribbon PSD Set

Five Free PSD Ribbons

Nine Colorful Web Ribbons

Five Simple PSD Ribbon Templates

Ribbons Free PSD

Rubber Bands by $Ikue

Elegant Ribbon Menu

Pretty Little Red Ribbon

Psd Ribbon Classic Set

Greene Pack Ribbons