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7 Useful Hashtag Tools For Social Media Marketing

Social media is becoming more than a craze. A great number of social media users are getting worldly information just on one click. Here in this post we are presenting 7 best hashtag tools to increase your social media exposure exponentially.
You can easily identify your post through search engines if you use hashtag. There are so many hashtag tools available in the web but in this collection, you will find all these improved hashtag tools that are new and up to date and enhance your social media campaign. Feel free to share your suggestion and comments with us. You can also share this collection with your social media friends.



Talk Walker




Tweet Binder

Logo Design Services You Can Use Today

Nicely and creatively designed logos easily grab the visitors’ attention and most importantly a creative and unique logo showcases your business or product in an effective way.

In this round-up, we are presenting some amazing and creative logo design services that offer logo design in free of cost or in very economical price. We hope you will like this collection. You can also tell us what you think about this post and share your precious opinion with us via comment section below. Enjoy!!!!!


This generator will create logo with a lot of option

Cool Text

Cool Text is a FREE graphics generator for web pages and anywhere else you need an impressive logo without a lot of design work. Simply choose what kind of image you would like. Then fill out a form and you’ll have your own custom image created on the fly.


The LogoBreeze tool is very intuitive and comes with over 200 vector images built in to get your logo building skills off the ground. When you have finished designing your vector logo, you can convert it to all the file formats you need at

Flaming Text

Flaming Text is similar to CoolText, but it has few different options, you can create your amazing logo from 100s of awesome designs.


VistaPrint is a well known print company, it has also a free logo creation service when you use it on one of their products.

8 Stunning LOGO With Source File in 24 Hrs

You will get 8 Unique and professional Logo designs with unlimited rivisions inlcuding Source Files Adobe Illustrator format (.AI), EPS format, PNG format, Transparent PNG, JPG format, 100% Money back guarantee. (Limited Time Offer)

Designing a Website: Factors to Consider when Data is Involved

Designing a website is an art. The design, logo, content, products, and services that you are selling to your prospective customers, a state of the art and secure payment gateway system and more. While all this is important, one thing that often gets neglected is the security part.


Most business owners do not really pay enough attention to securing their data and, more importantly, their customer’s data until their server is hacked and they are left with no choice but to go for SSD recovery service.

So what can be done or what precautions can be taken to protect the website and its precious data from hackers? Here are some tips for you to consider when you are designing or getting your website designed:

Stay updated

This is one of the oldest tips in the book and yet many website owners fail to follow this simple rule. Always stay updated whether it is your servers, some codes, scripts, software or malware/virus detection software. Keep everything up to date so your website is ready for that latest threat or virus that was discovered just a few weeks or months ago.

Many companies do not update their software because it costs money and they think of skipping it as a way to reduce cost. This is not a fabulous idea or wonderful method to continue to incorporate. Hackers are usually adept at exploring and exploiting vulnerabilities. This is what they do, and so your job is to make sure you do not provide an opportunity for them to do this.

Gain knowledge

Even though you have hired a designer to build and maintain your website, it is a salient idea to learn the basics so you are in a better position to make the decisions. Otherwise, you will be at the mercy of your designer or programmer without having any prior knowledge of what has happened or what might it all lead to. Knowledge will empower you to make better calls.

Strict access control

The admin level of your website is perhaps one of the easiest ways in which a hacker could enter and steal or harm your website. Always use strong user ids and passwords that are random and not related to anything you use or value. For example birthdates, mobile numbers, or some name. Do not allow admin access to anyone or anybody. If it is not absolutely necessary for his or her job, then do not allow access.

Network security

Your employees who are using computers at your office may be knowingly or unknowingly providing easy access to website servers; this usually happens due to lack of knowledge. You need to take the following steps:

~  Login and password should expire automatically after a certain period of time.

~  Users are forced to change passwords every three or so months.

~  Only strong alphanumeric passwords are allowed to be used.

~  Every external device that is plugged into the server like flash drives etc. are scanned before allowing access.


Install and use a Web Application Firewall (WAF) that can be either hardware or software based. It is set between your website server and your data connection in order to read each and every bit of data that is passing through it.

A lot of modern WAFs are nowadays cloud based that provide plug and play services. They usually charge a monthly subscription. After this, the service is deployed on your server acting as a gateway or a firewall before any data is allowed access to the server your website is running on.

Security applications

A WAF is recommended to a higher degree, however, you may also go for security applications. These security applications are available in both free and paid form. It is recommended that you go for a trusted name and do not hesitate when it comes to paying a one-time or a recurring fee.

This will go a long way in securing the future of your website, and ultimately the future of your business. Before going for these security applications, do some research and understand how they operate, what their minimum requirements are before they can be deployed, and what needs to be done once they detect vulnerability or a threat.

Limiting file uploads

File uploads a major concern and should be treated with due care. Files are often used by hackers to enter your server. Even though you have a system setup where files are being scanned before they are allowed access on your server, some form of bug can find its way onto the server allowing the hacker unlimited access to the server and its data.

What can be done? The first thing you need to do is to limit file uploads. Do not allow direct access to file uploads. Always store these files outside the root directory. Another step that you can take is to install an SSL protocol. This will be used to transfer data between your server and database. This will disallow reading of information while the files are in transit. In short it will deter the interception of data.

9 Best Free Coding Tools and Apps

Computer science skills are the most demanding skills in today’s technologically shrewd world, and where majority of educators believe that encouraging students in computer programming and coding from early age is an important key to develop their interest in computer science when they reach to college, it has become a norm to teach basics of computer programming and coding in early schools.
Here we have put together a fine assortment of 9 free coding tools and apps that would be very helpful not only for older students but also for beginners. Here is the full list. Have a look and enjoy!

Aptana Studio

IntelliJ IDEA


Programmer’s Notepad

Crimson Editor




Daisy the Dinosaur

Best Free Icons For Web And User Interface Design #1

If you are searching awesome and free icons for your web or UI designing then you should check out this collection. In this compilation, we are presenting stylish, outstanding and fresh icons for your web and user interface designs. Icons are not only essential for web designing but they are also becoming a very important part for UI designing. This is the reason that every talented web designers and developers always keep in hand fresh and trendy icons for their designs.
So why are waiting? Come and have a look at this superb collection. I am sure this post will definitely fulfill your work requirement. All these amazing icons are fresh and free. You can share your views and opinions about this collection via comment section below.

We will regularly search for free creative icons and we will showcase the best and creative free icons for our readers in a weekly basis. If we miss any good free icons please let us know.

Free Square Icons (AI, EPS, PNG, PSD, SVG)

Free Christmas Icons (AI, PSD, EPS)

Elpis Icons (AI)

Free Science Line Icons (AI, EPS, PDF, SVG)

Free Space Icons (AI)

Free Healthcare Icons (AI)

Free Document Icons (AI, PSD)

Free Annual Report Icons (AI, SVG, Font)

Free Web Icons (AI)

Free Pollution & Energy Icons (AI, EPS, SVG)

Free Easter Icons (AI)

Free Icons PSD

Minimal Line Icons (AI, EPS, PDF, SVG)

Shopping And E-Commerce Icons (AI, PSD)

Text Editing Icons PSD

Best Free Fonts For Web Design # 1

In this collection, we are showcasing some superb, wonderful and free fonts for web designing. If you use accurate and appealing fonts in your web designing then it surely look awesome and you can easily catch the attention of user towards your designs that’s why fonts play a very important rule in web designing.
In the world of internet, you can easily find so many eye-catching and wonderful fonts some of them are very expensive and some are free. But in this post, you will not only find awesome and stylish fonts but they all are free. Yes, they all are free so you do not have to pay for them just choose your favorite fonts which suite your design and download free of cost.

We will regularly search for free creative fonts and we will showcase the best and creative free fonts for our readers in a weekly basis. If we miss any good free fonts please let us know.

Brux Bold Brush Font

Arabella Free Font

Atik – Free Typeface

Pabilonia Font

Poste Free Typeface

Yozakura – Free Brush Font

Monument Valley Font

Monopoly – Free Font

Faläfel – free typeface

Bonkers – Free Font

Fina Free Font

Weem – Free Font

Decanter Font

Rampung Font

Bonzer Bruxelles Font

9 Hashtag Tools For Social Media Marketing

Social media is very popular and famous that’s why you can use social media for promoting your blog or website. In this round-up, you will find 10 best and useful Hashtag tools for your social media exposure. All these tools will help you to create improved hashtags and also increase your online exposure.
You can easily identify your post through search engines if you use hashtag. There are so many hashtag tools available in the web but in this collection, you will find all these improved hashtag tools that are new and up to date and enhance your social media campaign. Feel free to share your suggestion and comments with us. You can also share this collection with your social media friends.




Talk Walker






11 Beautiful Text Effects Created With CSS

Stylish and elegant text or typography can easily make your design stunning and attractive. With the help of CSS, web designers can make their designs look more stylish and eye-catching. CSS provides so many stylish and trendy effects in text which help to enhance the beauty of designs. And if you want to add some more color in text you can also add some animation or clipping through CSS.
In this round-up, we gathered 11 beautiful and attractive text effects created with CSS. With this collection, our aim is to share with you cool and refreshing stocks for the world of creativity and design for free! So browse through and splash. Feel free to share your comments. Your comments are always welcome.

Elastic stroke Animation

Shadow Effect

Animation Text

Slashed Effect

Animated Signature

Shop Talk logo

SVG text mask


Foggy Text Effect

Hit the Floor

SVG Glitch

12 Folded Business Cards That Will Give You Ideas

In this collection, we are showcasing 12 wonderful and inspiring folded business cards designs for you. With this collection, we want to show designers so many new and creative ways to design aspiring and conveying business card designs for their clients. All these business cards will surely open the new gates of ideas and inspiration. Come and check this collection. Please let us know about your suggestion.
It is our pleasure to share with you some of the most inspiring and creative stuff from the world of web to help you create even more wonderful artwork. Here is the full list after the jump. We hope that you would enjoy this compilation.

Tam Cargo

Laptop Business Card

Folded Business Card

Casabella Furniture Sofa


24 Islands Corporate

Business Cards

Folded Invite Card

Chair Visiting Card

Easel business card

We Are Designers Business Card

7 Online Tools to Increase Employee Productivity

Employee satisfaction and their productivity are interlinked. Organizations outsource the services of consultants to know how to get their employees motivated, satisfied and productive. Everyone can suggest that how to keep employees productive and satisfied. There are devices that include bio-monitoring, including technology such as heart monitors or posture coaching devices. The question arises, how can small institutions get in on this new trend feasibly? Luckily, there are several devices, apps and software that sound less like science fiction and can still promote productivity and job satisfaction.