25 Beautiful and Free CSS and Flash Templates

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People who are not much familiar with website coding always look for some ready-made website templates that they can use. This is the reason why free website templates are so valuable. Having a free website template not only allows you to create your own very personal website without even requiring any technical knowledge but also does not charge you anything.
Here, we have gathered some high quality free website templates that have been shared by well-known companies and experienced designers. We took these templates from Templatemo.com which is a great source of free CSS templates.
All the templates are free to download, edit or modify. You can even use them in your commercial projects without any restriction. Enjoy!

CSS Templates

298 neo blog

Adobe Flash Tutorials for Creating Menus and Navigations

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For a user-friendly website, it is very important that the navigation and the menus of that website should be easy and pleasant enough that user will like it. This can be best done with the help of Adobe Flash. So, keeping this in our mind, we have assembled this post which contains 30 most useful Adobe Flash tutorials that will guide you through the process of creating user-friendly and attractive menu and navigation.
If you’re also looking for some help in website navigation and menu creation, you must go through this post. Check out these fun and cool tutorials and make learning experience more pleasant!!!

Vista Menu in Flash

Easily Create Flash Websites with EasyTemplates.com

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If you are going to design a website it can be overwhelming but not a grave issue. We mean if you are creating a flash website for your business there must be need of ability to use and if you have templates about the unique features of it your task will be very much easy. These astute following templates are completely featured of flash and very much easy to use and give the impression of being very glossy.

Actionscript Generated Compositions by Patrick Gunderson

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Patrick Gunderson is an artist who specializes in pixels, but have been known to make pretty things in the analog world as well. The walls of his studio apartment are covered with art, through his education in fine arts, to his experience scripting animation and logic, He have earned the rank of Sr Designer at NFL.com, in this post we have gathered some of his mind blowing action script generated artworks, fee free to share your thoughts with our readers.

Powerful and Open Source Pageflip Engine Written in AS3

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MegaZine3 is a powerful open source pageflip/flashbook engine, written completely in AS3. The basic engine delivers low level functionality like dynamic page loading, plugins provide enhanced features such as an integrated gallery mode.
A pageflip engine is a small Flash application that generates an interactive book, which can then be flipped through by the user. MegaZine 3 uses a completely dynamic approach, allowing full configuration through external XML files. This makes it easy to set up books even if you do not even own the Flash IDE.


View the live demo

Download Free Flash Templates With FLA Source Files!

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provides FREE flash templates, flash photo gallery, 3D Photo Gallery, 3D thumbnail gallery, free flash intro, flash MP3 player, flash websites or .FLA source files. Feel free to download, edit and use any free flash template for your commercial or personal websites.