Showcase of Innovative and Inspiring Typography

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We have previously featured typography in loads of our posts but obviously the importance and role of typography in any designing work cannot be taken for granted. This is the reason why designing community continuously look for new and fresh typefaces to decorate their designs with. Today we get you a compilation of extremely inspiring typography designs, depicting just how far the medium can be forced. These sets up are all works of art in their own right, and we cheer you to go and look into each artist’s portfolio.
Typography is an emergent observable fact amongst graphic designers, loads of whom have gone beyond the fundamental positioning of lettering, and turned typography pieces into their personal works of art. Time and again typography designs feature components of photo manipulation, light effects and even 3D elements.


10 Typography Tools for CSS

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In this article, we have put together 10 excellent typography tools for CSS that you may find helpful in your next project. Tools to employ CSS typography come up from time to time, however not all of them are as great as others. At this time, we present a compilation of exceptional typography related and CSS compatible applications designed for you to bring into play in your own work.
Typographic art has turn out to be a progress on the online world more than being just an arrangement of fonts. This is the reason why designers all over the world are using it from the creation of new lettering to the use of previously designed fonts and from more noticeably modified context to furnishing a visual appeal to the design.

Serif Font Search

Showcase of Creative Typography Portraits

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Typography is a fundamental component of any design, be it web design or print design. For that reason, an eye catching web design or even a logo design is not complete without the satisfactory typography. Typeface or typography holds a crucial role in the success or failure of any design.
In today’s post we have gathered some artworks that reveal the right use of typography in a completely different viewpoint. You are required to o have a look at this one!
Here is the dazzling compilation of some extremely attractive typographic portraits that will certainly motivate you. We hope that you enjoy this assortment and will feel free to drop us a comment letting us know which one is your favorite!

Redemption Song-Bob Marley

15 Places Where To Learn Typography From

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All the designers and artists know very well how important typography is and this is the reason why each and every designer makes an extra effort to create eye-catching, attention-grabbing and awe-inspiring fonts.
Typography is ability and skills of arranging type, type design, and altering type glyptic art. The proper use of typography can make or break your whole piece of art. Good use of typography not only makes a design look attractive but also enhances the overall look and feel of the design.
Below, we have gathered some resources where you can learn typography from. We have collected some articles and blogs that will provide you an insight of the basic of typography.

Typography Books To Help You Learn Typography

45 Design Galleries for Your Inspiration

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Web design and CSS galleries have got a great fame in respect of showcasing the masterpiece websites or banner or such kind of work for many years. This is a great fact that all designers require inspiration and such type of galleries are most worthwhile to get inspiration as well. Actually they have all kind of publications such as art, music, photography, architecture or many more and they are a real source to get inspiration for a designer at all.
So here in this post we have decided to gather a unique variety of specialty galleries for your design inspiration. We hope that you will admire them very much.


Beautiful Black and White Typography

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Typography is most important content for a design. Many times it is more effective than design. If you are a designer you must be fond of new ones styles for typography and looking for them. In different colorful or designed typography you can easily distinguish black and white. This sort of typography is really unique and eye-catching so we have decided to gather a good variety of incredible black and white typography. We hope that you will admire them very much.

Smoke Type

35 Mindblowing Examples of Typography in Movie Posters

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Here in this post we have gathered a very much impressive variety of captivating examples of typography in movie posters to enhance your inspiration for a long while. We hope that you will like this collection and these examples will inspire you.

15 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements

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Vintage advertisement is so captivating and enchanting that no one can resist it. It is the advertisement of 50’s and 60’s which is pleasing to everyone in a truly tasteful manner. There are loads of articles and blogs post on the internet which has been dedicated to vintage advertisement.
There is a special feel in vintage advertisement that demonstrates how much attention is given to layout and typography which make is so engrossing. I hope you enjoy them.

Western Electric

Awesome Artworks By Sawdust

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London based graphic designers Rob Gonzalez and Jonathan Quainton are an award-winning duo working under the title Sawdust, which was founded in June 2006.
They work in areas of art direction, design, image-making and typography across sectors that include music, art and culture, fashion and advertising.
Sawdust loves to work with type and image across all platforms, and enjoy collaborating with other image-makers and people working in specialist areas.

22 Awesome Free Grunge Fonts every Designer Should Have

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These days Grunge style has become one of the most popular and famous styles ever used. Many people are working on this type of design. The most important element in Grunge style is the type of font that you use, so that selection of right font for the design is the key to success when it comes to Grunge Styles.
We have collected 22 most amazing and catchy fonts for this post. Just take a look at these Free fonts that we have put together for your inspiration. These are some of the best I could find.

Soul Mission