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The study included students from class one to class eight during the period from January to February 2016. ECONOMIC, MANAGEMENT & MARKETING SCIENCES 0000057792 00000 n 0000063319 00000 n All the respondents agreed that food handlers with abrasion or cuts on their fingers or hands should not touch unwrapped foods. Personal Hygiene – The First Step to Good Health! Methods: Therefore, teach your students about the importance of personal hygiene and how remaining clean can keep them away from deadly diseases. 0000062976 00000 n Background. Halitosis or Bad Breath (Grades 4-6) Dental Hygiene (Grade 5-6) A Brief History of Hygiene (Grades 5-7) Understanding Body Odor: No Sweat! This study was designed to explore the existing knowledge and practices of personal hygiene among the students studying at secondary level schools in Bhaktapur district, Nepal. A structured questionnaire assessed 785 students' level of oral health knowledge and practices. �����74��-O:7��h�#�/! To assess the practices of the senior secondary school students of Ambassadors College, Ile- Ife on personal hygiene. 0000013740 00000 n 0000064312 00000 n 0000056575 00000 n 0000061209 00000 n 0000067974 00000 n 0000071640 00000 n Further assessment demonstrated that only 12% respondents were able to describe a reasonable procedure for hand washing and the steps that were missed most were the failure to specify the need to rinse and dry hands after washing. One hundred and thirty-eight (86.25%) girls believed it as a physiological process. 0000058208 00000 n 0000056402 00000 n 0000055167 00000 n This topic gives you some ideas on looking your best. It was also evident that good personal hygiene practices manifested in girls than in boy’s ones. Many of the health problems that adolescents face are linked to their activities and habits. 0000058466 00000 n bring to health education. Hand hygiene is a cost-effective method in preventing infection transmission. Methods Of the students, 27.7% had an inadequate personal hygiene. 426 243 0000066067 00000 n A qualitative approach using in-depth interviews was employed and respondents were selected by a convenience sampling. Poor hand hygiene was indicated by high levels of S. aureus and E. coli on samples taken from bare and gloved hands. 0000073830 00000 n We conducted a study to evaluate the awareness, and compliance of hand hygiene among undergraduate medical students during their clinical phase in Qassim College of Medicine, Saudi Arabia. Results: 0000068420 00000 n The result also showed that majority of the respondents had good hygienic practices including taking bath (99.6%), brushing teeth (98.2%) and washing hands (65.9%). 0000064563 00000 n Background: Hygiene and sanitation practices directly affect health status, and students can be easily educated for correct practices, which can be a cheap and effective measure for disease prevention, also it will reduce absenteeism due to illness in schools. 0000069985 00000 n Results: The result showed that the secondary school students who participated in the study were evenly distributed by gender (50.4% males and 49.6% females),most of the respondents (78.8%) were in the 15-16 year age bracket. Discussion In this study we assessed the knowledge and practices of personal hygiene among 428 primary school students in grade 1, 3 and 5. By the way, you don't need The mean (± SD) score of the participants' hand hygiene practice was 50.81 (±4.79), while the total score with all perfect answers was considered as 66. 0000069030 00000 n �㺪�����j�sI�5�%������'�b5ȣ��H��v��6�p��� �_�];q�W�jo�c+JiSW��U��������P�٭l�?���i�͍��_�^j��,����q!a�/�4� �5�X�5A��᯺�����Ę�8�b �Һ ��:AbpIDsWI���+ĂM��d��o�X9"��7i��x:�B& I��������� ����!�`=�4&M�!�F��{j,1�g��uJ�S�=�� About 694 (88.4%) students had adequate level of knowledge on causes, prevention, and signs of dental caries, 760 (96.8%) on causes and prevention of periodontal diseases, 695 (88.5%) on cigarette smoking as cause of oral cancer, and 770 (98.1%) students on importance of dental checkups. 0000073788 00000 n 0000066024 00000 n 0000058638 00000 n 2. 0000058014 00000 n 3. Furthermore, availability of soap and sufficient water supply is needed within the university setting to facilitate handwashing. Female students were found having more knowledge level than male students. 0000073746 00000 n However, the unmarried students were a significant predictor for influencing the incensement of handwashing practice compared to the married ones (P<0.01). 0000057592 00000 n Whereas 96.6% of participants thought that handwashing was either "very important" or "somewhat important" for preventing disease, smaller proportions thought it could prevent upper respiratory infections (85.1%) or gastroenteritis (48.3%), specifically. School health education: Do too many cooks spoil the broth? Data was collected between August 2017 and December 2017 by using structured questionnaire on general hygiene and sanitation practices.Results: It was found that only 61.5% of students wash their hand before meals, merely 16.75% of them were practicing proper dental hygiene, 41.25% of them clean genitals properly, whereas 52.25% students daily consumes food from vendors. 0000071084 00000 n The term "hygiene" comes from the Greek word "Hygeia," which means goddess of health, cleanliness, and sanitation. ... 59.2% (61) nursing students agree with that nurses don't need to use many physical assessment skills to do their job well. A pre-tested 25-item, purpose designed, self-administered questionnaires were used to collect information on knowledge and practices of the respondents on personal hygiene. Then as a class we’ll look at the data they give us and determine which facts students seem to have the most trouble with. To evaluate the effectiveness of video assisted teaching and demonstration on personal hygiene among school children. A high percentage respondents (>90%) practiced various good hand washing practices, with only 36% did not practice washing hands after eating or drinking. 0000063615 00000 n Literature review . the “Personal Hygiene Status Scale (PHSS)”. Although bacterial loads on gloved hand samples were found to be significantly lower (p<0.05) than ungloved hand samples, these loads were not within acceptable limits. 0000063455 00000 n Bristol. True 3. Methods: This study is a cross-sectional study to investigate personal hygiene knowledge and practices of senior secondary school, Ile –Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. ;���q�͑�ױ��Q�toÃ��N3���?���`7�~���¬��#��Gܧ��t�k��Kc�:�x��8Rq�w��+�+y�O�N�/�˜q2W6L^�wn6���\�+UYt���-(̀I��_Œ|ԇ�`�|g%)�g�3���[g��Z��hؙ4������qm����vv �\/��yK�ן^��R�f�2�L���-����a���'b�r�3i���x�/��j���� Personal hygiene for pre-teens and teenagers with additional needs. Although several studies have characterized the hygiene habits of college students, few have assessed the determinants underlying such behaviors. Skin is ...., but is thicker on the underside of hands and feet. Majority of the respondents (88.5%) had good knowledge level on personal hygiene. Twelve items were underhand hygiene practices, and four items under body hygiene. 0000067696 00000 n 0000070909 00000 n 0000062177 00000 n The mean (± SD) age of the participants was 20.4 (±1.8) years. Hand hygiene practices have been found to be faulty in most healthcare settings. Data were analyzed statistically by simple proportions. skills of visitors and explores the opportunities and constraints they Determinants of personal and household hygiene among college students in New York City, 2011, Assessment of the bacterial contamination on hands of hospital food handlers, KNOWLEDGE AND PRACTICES OF FOOD SAFETY AMONG SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS OF INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, OBAFEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSITY , ILE- IFE, NIGERIA, Determining the Relationship between Home Environment and Academic Performance. 0000071724 00000 n Pre-tested, self- administered questionnaire were used. When I bang myself, I ..... 3. 0000069856 00000 n 0000058777 00000 n 1 Hygiene refers to practices associated with ensuring good health and cleanliness. Skin ..... the whole body. SOCIAL, PEDAGOGY SCIENCES & HUMANITIES 0000072539 00000 n One survey gathered information about the organization and 0000058998 00000 n 0000069073 00000 n Answers to the Hip To Hygiene Quiz: 1. This study recommended good hand washing procedure to be reiterated among the food handlers. 0000015227 00000 n This study showed that female students had a better knowledge and were more hygienic in hand hygiene, hair application, and body hygiene whereas, male students showed a better oral hygiene practice. home environment variable best predicts academic performances using grade point average of Clinical Medical Rehabilitation Students in OAU. A questionnaire based on World Health Organization's concept of "Five Moments for Hand Hygiene" was used to evaluate the awareness of the indications for hand hygiene and compliance was observed during Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) sessions. 0000066844 00000 n startxref These have been attributed to inadequate knowledge of personal hygiene and its practices. 0000072784 00000 n A good quality of life is possible if students maintain their oral health and become free of oral disease. (19/180; 10.5%), and Escherichia coli (14/180; 7.8%). 0000007219 00000 n Conclusion: 0000014751 00000 n 0000072329 00000 n Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. trailer Furthermore, Self-care is more important for the students because students spend most of the time outside like they spend time in school, college or universities close to others Infection transmission to students can lead to school absence, which can also disturb the academic performance ( and communities in general. A study conducted by [14] to evaluate the practice of personal hygiene followed by school going students. Taking shower (62%) (N=265) and washing of hands (60%)(N=257) were the two top ranked hygiene practices reported by the students. They could complete the quiz individually or in groups. Most respondents (>70%) practiced glove use, however more than 50% did not wash hands with every glove change, change gloves when change type of products and after preparing raw material. Introductions: Personal hygiene deficiency have been found to be a serious public health problem and people often affected are school children. 0000061776 00000 n 0000069813 00000 n ... 18 On the contrary Llesanmi found study most of senior secondary school students (98.2%) were brushing teeth 1-2 times a day and also in an another study done by Talinova, 90% of the grammar school students replied they cleaned their teeth twice a day. The results showed that the respondents had basic knowledge on personal hygiene practices, mainly on hand washing (30.7%) and glove use (18.7%). 0000069899 00000 n CONCLUSIONS 0000057124 00000 n 0000005264 00000 n 0000067010 00000 n The study was descriptive, cross-sectional in design. 4. 0000073872 00000 n Variation in reported hygiene habits was noted across several demographic factors. 0000058735 00000 n Paying attention to detail with your hygiene is a critical skill we must learn at an early age. Check Pages 1 - 2 of personal hygiene quiz printable in the flip PDF version. 0000063127 00000 n 0000060364 00000 n Teaching Good Personal Hygiene To Students And Kids Is Important To Ward Off Diseases They Are Exposed To In School. Knowledge, attitude and practice the three pillars of excellence and wisdom: a place in the medical profession, A qualitative study on personal hygiene knowledge and practices among food handlers at selected primary schools in Klang valley area, Selangor, Malaysia, Knowledge of personal hygiene and waterborne diseases and practice of personal hygiene among students of Central Agricultural University, Manipur, India, The knowledge, attitude, and practice of consumers towards food safety issues: A review of Taiwan. © 2008-2021 ResearchGate GmbH. Keywords: ... to asses personal hygiene practices among school children. Although several studies have characterized the hygiene habits of college students, few have assessed the determinants underlying such behaviors. To begin with, 65% (N=278) of students (figure 1) had some perceptions about the importance of personal hygiene … Methods. 0000058906 00000 n Similar to this study Llesanmi found that in senior secondary school students majority of the respondents (65.9%) gave positive responses for hand washing and a lesser (46.4%) of the respondents cut their nails weekly and almost (99.6%) of them were taking regular bath. 0000067164 00000 n 7�DU� 0000061647 00000 n Conclusion: Senior secondary school students of Ambassadors College, Ile- Ife have good personal hygiene knowledge and good personal hygiene practices. Employee Health and Personal Hygiene for School Nutrition Managers and Directors 3 Employee Health and Personal Hygiene for School Nutrition Managers and Directors Responsibilities It is the school nutrition manager/director’s responsibility to make certain that school nutrition employees are trained on the: • Causes, symptoms, and diagnoses of Results: 0000000016 00000 n <]>> 0000070645 00000 n Majority 717 (91.3%) had adequate practice of sugary food consumption; while 568 (72.4%) had acceptable frequency of tooth brushing, 19 (2.4%) brushed at an interval of twelve hours, and 313 (39.9%) visited for checkup. Conclusion: A descriptive, cross-sectional study was conducted among 160 adolescent girls of a secondary school situated in the field practice area of Rural Health Unit and Training Center, Singur, West Bengal, with the help of a pre-designed and pre-tested questionnaire. 0000072582 00000 n Before meals, after using toilets and after playing were the major episodes for washing of their hands (figure 2) and 71% (182 of 257) used soap and. Compliance as assessed during OSCE sessions was only 17% with no significant difference between the genders. A total of 180 samples were collected from bare and gloved hands before and during food preparation.A total of 16 different bacteria were isolated, of which the most common was Staphylococcus aureus (126/180; 70%), followed by coagulase-negative staphylococci (102/180; 56.7%), diphtheroid bacilli (39/180; 21.7%), Bacillus spp. A case of clinical Medical Rehabilitation students of Obafemi Awolowo University, Impact of health education intervention on knowledge and perceptions of asthma among secondary school students in Ile Ife, Nigeria. 0000071893 00000 n False 2. 0000065485 00000 n 0000020969 00000 n True 7. It includes the many practices that help people be, and stay, healthy. 0000062551 00000 n 0000059791 00000 n %%EOF Within the last two decades, the widespread food scandals, global fears of food and foodborne outbreaks highlight consumers’ concerns and authorities’ attention to food safety. 0000055540 00000 n The majority of the students washed their hands with water, but only 22.5% washed their hands effectively by maintaining the correct steps and frequency of handwashing with water, and soap or hand sanitizer. These have been attributed to inadequate knowledge of personal hygiene and its practices. Most respondents were female with 64%, while 80% of the college students were in the age of <20-year-old. 0000067599 00000 n Hand hygiene, in particular, is one of the most common means by which pathogens are transmitted. Therefore, it is important for the school authorities to involve parents while conducting talks on hygiene. 0000069624 00000 n 0000065075 00000 n 429 0 obj<>stream 0000069495 00000 n 0000060535 00000 n 0000065528 00000 n 0000056888 00000 n Interventions targeting the social norms of incoming and continuing students may be effective in improving hygiene determinants and ultimately hygiene practices. 0000061460 00000 n Educational television programmes, trained school nurses/health personnel, motivated school teachers and knowledgeable parents can play a very important role in transmitting the vital message of correct menstrual hygiene to the adolescent girl of today. 0000070463 00000 n 2. MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY SCIENCES 1. 2. ��])M��wM,ưX��}�c�Ώ�Yt(���9�)a����!�_hc8����?/�����������J Majority of students had an adequate level of knowledge on oral health but low level of oral health practices. 0000062048 00000 n We’ll ask other students to fill out our survey, without asking them to write their names. 0000062306 00000 n Personal hygiene is caring for your own cleanliness of your body and clothes. Whereas 96.6% of participants thought that handwashing was either "very important" or "somewhat important" for preventing disease, smaller proportions thought it could prevent upper respiratory infections (85.1%) or gastroenteritis (48.3%), specifically. These are the most effective options for the students to discover. 0000064269 00000 n MATERIALS AND METHODS This manual on school sanitation and hygiene (SSH) deals with both hardware and software aspects needed to bring about changes in hygiene behaviour of students and, through these students, in the community at large. 0000058818 00000 n 0000059449 00000 n Significant difference in sanitation and hygiene practices was found regarding education of father, education of mother and socioeconomic status.Conclusions: Hygiene and sanitation practices among students are not satisfactory and there is scope for improvement. 0000061043 00000 n ��߁lAۻȒC�C����V(P�"�ӭCQ��?��@��o$^�o����KA���=� �M}�{��[�� fkJ+z��gԳ��r*�s'�E�@PT��V��h>�����y�z�'�9���:���ΛHAۣ%���-�"�Y|���S�s���t ���J#�|��?Q����MS�,��l�!kr6G^�I6x��m��G'�c�nY+����BYup. 0000068288 00000 n 0000065694 00000 n 0000060158 00000 n 0000064398 00000 n In this study, 96.7% of students were found to be aware of personal hygiene. 0000071682 00000 n 0000064857 00000 n Methods: This study is a cross- sectional study to investigate personal hygiene knowledge and practices of senior secondary school, Ile –Ife, Osun State, Background: 0000055042 00000 n 0000057167 00000 n Results. 0000057262 00000 n For cleaning purpose, 156 (97.5%) girls used both soap and water. . All rights reserved. Subject: School hygiene Theme: Personal and food hygiene Subject: Handwashing Subject: Facial hygiene/Trachoma Theme: Water and sanitation-related diseases Subject: Diarrhoea Subject: Skin and eye diseases Theme: Facilities for water, sanitation and hygiene Subject: Appreciation and use of the latrines Lesson plan for 9-12-year-olds 0000009045 00000 n 0000063863 00000 n 0000066293 00000 n 0000026914 00000 n 0000065792 00000 n Women reported "always" washing their hands after using the toilet (87.1%) more than men (65.3%, P = .001). Adolescents are ac tive during play, endstream endobj 427 0 obj

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