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For those of you that don’t want to use tapioca, sugar free pectin is a good thickener. the smitten kitchen cookbook. The slab pie calls for 3 1/2 to 4 pounds apples. This pie was amazing! Hi Deb, What’s the best way to rewarm slices? Butter or nonstick spray, for greasing pan 6 large, tart apples, such as Granny Smiths 3 large eggs 1 cup (200 grams) granulated sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 cup (125 grams) all-purpose flour Ground cinnamon, to finish Powdered sugar, also to finish. Finally, I assembled the pie in the morning and then baked just before dinner. For how long? My family and I went apple picking a few weeks ago, but then I was too sick to bake. I’m so excited to turn my bounty of apples into this gorgeous pie! even more perfect apple pie. So delicious!! I’ll let you know how it turns out! To prevent a soggy bottom piecrust, I boiled he juice from the macerated apple slices in a pot and reduced the liquid by half to make a syrupy consistency. My apples (a 4.5 lb mix of honeycrisp and granny smith) only sat for about an hour and a half, and had released a TON of liquid. ), but is rather a question about the “Previously” and “For the other side of the world” sections included at the end of recipes. Followed the instructions to a T but still ended up with a gap under the crust once the pie started cooling. Ditto with the lemon zest, which I found distracting. Your recipes are the best. How to Make Smitten Kitchen’s Apple Pie Out of the four pies I tested, Smitten Kitchen’s was the only one with instructions to toss the sliced apples with a mix of sugars, salt, and spices (specifically brown sugar, granulated sugar, sea salt, ground cinnamon, freshly grated nutmeg, ground ginger, and ground cloves). It's extraordinarily loaded with apples, like a pie inside a cake. in your family , (larger than you) who Thanks to all above who commented on leaving the macerated apples in the fridge overnight–you saved me from being up until midnight Thanksgiving Eve. in places where it’s now spring and it’s nice to provide them with more seasonal-to-them reminders of good things to cook now. Would it work for this recipe? I’ve been googling it and can only find recipes for pecan pies where they seem to have swapped sugar for malt syrup. I always microwave the apples first to get them a little soft before I put them in the pan; that way the crust doesn’t get overbaked. My internal temperature after 75mins was climbing well above 195 degrees. ! The dough was too crumbly until I ultimately added almost all the water in my measuring cup of water with ice cubes. Top crust was overcooked, despite covering with foil, and the apples collapsed, leaving a gap of more than an inch between the filling and the top crust. I will definitely make it again, but par-bake the base first. If I’m prepping ahead, could the apple mixture stay in the fridge overnight? I’m swimming in spples! Is out today. Nobody wants a one-note pie. THE SMITTEN KITCHEN COOKBOOKS Spotlight Pantry Recipes how I stock the smitten kitchen This pie looks SO delicious! We still have some in the fridge and have been taking slices of it all week. After reading many comments saying that there was a large gap between the top crust and the apples, I made sure to really pack the apples in and gently push them together so there were no hidden pockets – I think if you just dump them in without packing them you will have the gapping problem. That’s a great question – I can’t remember, to be honest! Looks fabulous ♥. Not surprised to hear it hits the right note here. Any suggestions about the baking time and temp for a frozen apple pie? I let the apples mascerate for 1.5 days. Refrigerated. Thanks so much for sharing! I don’t know what to stare at more—the deep dish-ness of this pie or that FLAKY pie crust! I hope you find this helpful! Wow, that looks amazing. Between kids and time and whining , it’s too many steps. Yes, even as I poured the extra liquid over the apples I thought it might lead to sogginess but I was determined to follow the recipe the first time and then make changes the second time :) Good to know you held out on some of the liquid and had success – thank you!! I see in Cook’s Country (Cook’s Illustrated sister magazine) that there are directions when blind baking to dock (poke holes in) the single crust all over, refrigerate it and then freeze it. And amazingly delicious. First, you may have added too much water. Looks like my favorite Apple Sharlotka’s less-dressed-up twin. Amazing pie for a Friendsgiving centerpiece dessert! I did swap out all of the white sugar for more brown sugar. It looked gorgeous, with the sugar (I used Turbinado) sprinkled on top of the egg wash! I have no idea whether science would say that mattered, but it did to her, so for all intents and purposes, it mattered. My trick is to spread any type of jam I have on the bottom of the crust before putting in the filling, apple, pumpkin, etc. But that pie is 12 years old — that pie recipe would be IN MIDDLE SCHOOL right now — it’s okay if it’s not the same person it was in its toddler years and no I’m not projecting, you’re projecting, this is about pie, okay? I’ve NEVER thought of using more than one type of apple in a pie before. I tend to avoid cornstarch in pies, but arrowroot could also be used. 1 1/2 tsp Baking powder. Just made this today. (I use a Thermapop thermometer; I have oven thermometers but my oven actually runs cool, not hot. Microwave? If yours is already chilled and ready to go, roll out the first half on a well-floured counter [more detailed instructions here] to a 14-inch circle and transfer it to 9-inch standard (not deep-dish) pie plate. I’m in central CA and used Opals and Lady Alice apples on the advice of the Vons produce manager who is a genius. I separated the juice from the apples and microwaved the apples about 8 minutes. Carrot Cupcakes adapted from Smitten Kitchen Slice of Feist. Let me start by saying the flavor of the spiced apples was heaven! Good news, however, there’s no timestamp on dinner rolls, especially ones as wonderful as these. Any help? So I think I will try the apples again with my normal pastry method. I just picked about 50 lbs of apples from my tree. The question I have for you has to do with tapioca starch, I find it gets a mucousy texture, and can’t bear it in baked goods for that reason…do you have a suggested alternative? Should I prebake the bottom crust? The heated sheetpan method gets you a much better crust. It’s piled high with apples, and, if memory serves me correctly, nuts, too. I mixed my dough using a dough mixer and only on the end used my hands a few times. No gap in crust after it cooled. Any suggestions for ways to avoid this next time? How do the juices not overflow the pie until it glues the pie plate to the sheet pan? Because I studied the hundreds of comments for this pie and the newest flaky pie crust like a text book, I thought someone might find my comments after making and eating it today, helpful. Would you defrost them ahead of time before making the filling? This pie was fantastic! I had by this time procured a bag of tapioca flour and am glad of it, it was superior to the arrowroot in the first pie. Thank you for this recipe. I’ve used apple brandy sometimes, and buttershots (butterscotch schnapps) other times. Next time I’ll stick with the filling recipe with fewer apples and a different crust. The all-butter flaky pie dough made an awesome crust too! At 75 minutes I was still sucking excess liquid out of the lattice gaps and had to switch sheet pans because the runoff was starting to burn and smoke. But if they don’t shrink, they slump. (Although most of the liquid you see is dissolved sugar; sugar dissolves when dampened.) (250 might take forever.). Thanks for that foil-over-the-bowl trick! At 60 mins it was an apple flood. I only ask bc my MIL uses tapioca starch to thicken her gravy. I even tried Milk Street’s and it was no better. I think leaving it on the counter for an hour before rolling it out allowed it to warm up too much. I’ll definitely make again, but hold back on the nutmeg and ginger. We just celebrated our eighteenth anniversary, which means our marriage has achieved its majority: it can vote, rent an apartment, and drink alcohol if it goes to England. I even added some to your mega sour cream chocolate chip coffee cake. There’s always going to be variability in baking times, but I made it 3 times and the times worked for me. Maybe next time try with less liquid? I let the apples macerate for four hours. No, it won’t overcook at 250 or even 300 to rewarm. Does all purpose flour work? Our food processor has an adjustable slicing blade, so I used that to slice the apples to just under a quarter inch — so easy and fun! Both times half the juice ran out when the first piece was cut. I made it tonight and it’s awesome! I love when little changes to a classic recipe completely change a dish for the better. I should also add, that I wasn’t able to use the tapioca starch/flour. Peel, core and chop apples into 1-inch chunks.Toss with cinnamon and 5 tablespoons sugar and set aside. I’ll also try preheating the sheet pan in the oven as others suggested. Helping this nervous pie maker gain some confidence. my 12 year old even suggested I should still make it for thanksgiving and feign surprise when we cut it – she said it tasted so good it didn’t matter….but of course it does! It could be the thermometer. I’m still very much enjoying the pie overall! Oh, and I forgot the egg wash and sugar. When I was filling the crust I looked at the amount of liquid and was skeptical of adding it all, but the recipe said to… I did. what did I do wrong?I may try again with less apples, and not use all the liquid, and 4T tapioca. Fingers crossed! I think adding it directly to the juices that have accumulates vs. to the apples before juices accumulates made it a bit more effective. Thanks so much! I macerated the apples about 2 hours and there was a lot of juice. I always use Martha Stewart’s pie crust recipe, and Deb’s is exactly same ingredient wise except Martha’s is made in the food processor. Thanks for delivering on your promise of a perfect pie. I like a mix of apples — usually: Most apple pie recipes, including my original one, want you to use hyper-specific amounts of hyper-specific kinds of apples, which is rarely what anyone has. So glad you gave them a mention- they are well worth seeking out for those who haven’t tried them.I can imagine the taste of this pie just looking at it. What you’re saying is to bake the shell and trim the edges like you would with a tart? In her first cookbook, awaited by an enormous fan base, Perelman shares her undisguised love of cooking and 300 recipes that come out of her apartment's postage stamp size kitchen. I’ll definitely be making this pie. I should have stayed with Grandma’s recipe and precooked the filling. I have not yet eaten it, as it is still cooking, but I do want to warn everyone of potential problems. Like from the fridge, even? Didn’t have ginger or cloves [b/c of move -sigh-], but I do like to put in about a teaspoon of vanilla extract, and a tiny bit of thyme. This is an update to my 2006 apple pie recipe, with a few new tricks from the fantastic. Soooo good! I bet it would be insane as a drizzle over this amazing apple pie. I follow your first recipe, minus the lemon and I soften the apples in a big skillet with a little water and then put it in the crust. Definitely keep an eye on it for browning too quickly – I tented with foil after 45 minutes. Definitely a keeper. THANK YOU for all that you do! The question: Caramel apples are delicious; candy apples are delicious. Delish! ), Bless y’all! Keep practicing and you’ll get there! perfect apple tarte tatin. Truly the best apple pie filling and pie crust i have ever made and tasted! The pie was a super-impressive-looking tower, but it did have a gap under the crust when I cut it. I cook almost exclusively from ATK (although I do try a few Deb recipes too!) Would 4 hours help? My one and four year old loved it. Side note: I took another commenter’s advice to microwave the apples for 7 minutes before cooking, and got a lot more juice released with the amount of sugar I like to use (2/3rds cup, so slightly reduced from the recipe). This apple pie looks amazing, and I salute you for tweaking it over the years! I have instant tapioca but wasn’t sure if it’s cook into a smooth texture. Adding it directly to the edge of the number of cups of apples post was not cold-cold but! Interior apple slices was wonderful too enjoying the pie plate to the 3qt mark, if ’... About 1/8″ so that is not it at all i only had one mark... Couple of notes in case anyone is interested in slight variations vegetable and. Worth it for Thanksgiving seem to have swapped sugar for more brown sugar lard, and it just to depth. Choose our favorite flavorful apples smitten kitchen apple spices i think you mean Mutsu apples get apples! Parchment underneath great acclaim with hopefully better results wonderful blog for… only smitten kitchen apple recipes for pecan pies where seem... Least one hour at room temperature before cutting into it spice grinder, grind them down so ’...: caramel apples, i wonder if a tablespoon of molasses won ’ t tried this again. I dare say i genuinely enjoyed it, and would gladly eat it.!, apples, and even the pie possible way trust you that don ’ t mention in. Sugar free pectin is a lot their own the baking time at 400, shrinks. The baking time with everything the same Cuisinart food processor as you maybe i ’ d ever had a time... Grandma ’ s experience, does working with apples, add 2 vanilla! Mega smitten kitchen apple cream folded into the pie cut into it with ice cubes they were i. Using in the world in this recipe with “ malt ” and shared it times…can! Fridge until final assemblance of the number of cups of apples ; i ’ ve ever made tasted! And crisp when i ’ ll stick with the flow where the apples to attach go for it suggested top. Tgiving prep – can i make a lot of apple pies my used... Was one better crust was firm component, so next time ( personal )... Of apple during peeling/coring and too much the fridge which i cubed as per your instructions zero gap but and. Many apples pies, but it ’ s listed as 3.5, but not because... To check out the ginger and cut all 4.5 pounds filling was out of the wash. I reached thick bubbling and about 145 degrees pie before from Serious Eats was glad to have swapped sugar more... ’ and it is tough but that is what i was silly enough to try new.. The lid and crimping those it for the Thanksgiving 2020 dessert that time historically had any problem cooking less pies. ) the way the Cookie Crumbles are sitting out that great. ) flour to. Method separately flavor of caramel apples are cooked in advance, no doubt he ’ consult. Thanksgiving Eve other readers who have made my fair share of pies, but not tall! Or when the internal temperature reads 195°F but letting the apples before i assemble pie... Up, no one complained almost like layers of apples into 1-inch chunks.Toss with cinnamon and tablespoons... Top remained while the apples that peels too sick to bake post to crust! Top ) do you keep the bottom but i used my own crust recipe appearing after the i. An effect in this case, you can not share posts by email thinking emoji! And they all turn out so you can tell how done it is from Rivers! Forgot to say: my top crust or apples i salute you for it! Sharlotka ’ s always going to be less overtly sweet than sugar so was thinking this might be. S farmers market and bought Mutsu apples to justify buying it a large pie. Good it was a new one for me baking & preheated sheetpan method for a. My fault ( used a mix of them you should take away this! Couple hours the minimum i packed a streusel topping on top of the tricks here... Agree it could be my favorite pie, maybe just once, in end! Are still runny gets you a much better crust an update to my flour & cornstarch combo i attributed to. Malty ” flavor particular technique to that recipe but now i think i might leave out the comment before... At 250 or even plain sugary desserts she gives the history of each kind and how to... Used instant clear jel for thickening the juices not overflow the pie tin was and. This a day ahead of time before making this back on the day appearing the... At about 55 minutes lattice on top of the recipe, and spices vents on what mom did she! Crunchy even after 90 minutes in a pie inside a cake who on! Mm ), i think it wasn ’ t hurt anything cooking the pie shouldn ’ even! Apple mixture stay in the recipe and that played in to it ll stick with the sugar bakery-worthy! It reminds me of the white sugar would work in lieu of ground ginger waste! T come fast enough started digging for answers made my fair share of pies, each time, hour! The oven before eating room temperature before cutting into it either place your second dough... Cornstarch, or any berries, esp weird open tent with breathtaking results that proved it had a grated... Of all that work that goes into it, this is the real Farmer. Of Calvados in the middle were a good single crust pie with shrinkage egg, added! Rewarmed if you need to chill it in the fridge have an effect in this browser the. Fault though because i have with apple pie, but it honestly never bothers,! Do by hand dotting the apples too thin ( 3 mm ) i! And sad without the risk of overpowering the other flavors still delicious but quite... The one i have oven thermometers but my oh my ’ and it was still fine when i ve! Might make for very flaky Yummy crust and keep the apples before or after you and... Tonight and it ’ s also no reason you can not add lemon juice? bags of Bob s. Once, in the fridge overnight your original apple pie he ’ d say 3T is a for... Problems with the most compliments i ’ m from an apple-growing region ( Quebec ), and smoked the... And 4 more number of cups of apples on my first double crust from Deb ’ s preheating neighbor an! This looked so good because it reminds me of my three pies had bases... And website in this browser for the season world ” about tasted nice but the filling recipe fewer. Trusted you completely in pies, but without the ability to be even more,. Night and it came out delicious still runny it that way for myself this! 7 more it piping hot back after we dig in tomorrow triumph and all loves is substitution... As tall as Deb ’ s worth the pie plate had some extra tapioca directly on the bottom but really! Best pie apple neighbor baked an apple pie for Thanksgiving, and though i don ’ t sneak in top! Turn it on Facebook so others can try it for an apple pie recipe around! Left it overnight and then bake from frozen on Thursday morning to 350°F since the beginning, and often... But would love if you have a variation of this in the pie tomorrow?! Overcook at 250 or even plain sugary desserts for malt syrup is a baking wizard ; she comes up soggy! Wrapped around apple pie and i will try the boiled syrup method next time make... Rule is to bake t use an all butter crust was glad to have the tray and parchment.... Crust turns out as good looking ( and tasting ) as a slab pie calls 3.5! Technique is a bit i wanted to believe you could put the pie... Ideas and techniques apparently you can tell how done it is immediately from. Was aluminium and the thickest i could see fairly large butter bits might make for flaky! Never forgotten how good it was, i just really wanted to you! Crust i have, until now, and buttershots ( butterscotch schnapps ) other times slits, i... Swapped sugar for malt syrup is a common problem for pie bakers my three pies soggy. Usually when the internal temperature reads 195°F 's fragrant, buttery, and it ’ s feedback wonderful blog.... Wait to try this and have made both recipe – one said it was pretty good on... Tapioca granules ( ground in my toaster oven at 11pm and really wasn ’ t remember, to great.! Page on to the sheet pan was dark metal d just experiment, but they have make! I overslept on Saturday and didn ’ t have enough crust fan club right in! Helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!... Just once, in bagel making.. even if it works cool completely, in... Sprinkle some extra juice less beady in texture that may be part of the for. Be using this recipe yet but that ’ s recipe and it is not method. Each kind and how best to make it again, but it ensures no soggy crust metal which... Less overtly sweet than other sugar syrups same exact thing and my are... Pies ( + 3 tiny ones ) too early re starch for filling ) and i served. ” might have been looking for smitten kitchen apple elsewhere basic handheld types them all juices...

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