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https://berify.com/blog/11-best-portrait-photographers-of-2017 In no particular order: Joseph Nicéphore Niépce – in 1825 he created what is generally considered the worlds first photograph. The woman told Lange that they could barely find anything to eat, and that they were surviving on birds they had killed and frozen vegetables from the fields. That depends on your measure of success, but a few names worth mentioning are Steve McCurry for his world-famous Afghan Girl image, Annie Leibovitz for her celebrity portraits, and Andreas Gursky for selling a photo for a record-breaking 4.3 million dollars. your own Pins on Pinterest We are going to introduce the famous portrait photographers with you. He mainly works in the field of social documentary, portraying humanity during some of its most devastating stages. Jay Maisel. If you find that your favorite music or your best-loved movie director no longer stirs your imagination, it’s time to turn your attention to the all-time classics: the famous photographers that shook the world. It gave Cartier-Bresson what he called “the velvet hand…the hawk’s eye”. She often uses extras, models and actors to create the look she’s going for. Eugenio Requenco is currently based in Madrid and is rightfully considered to be one of the most sought-after contemporary photographers. So let’s have a look at 31 amazing artists who shaped the world of photography with their innovative ideas and their amazing talent! A true study of form, light and texture, his photographs are captivating in their peculiarity. Gertrude Kasebier was born on 18th May, 1852 and came from Des Moines, Iowa. https://www.boredpanda.com/top-10-photographers-for-travel-portraits He was aged 75. They asked her to leave the dark room, but she said: “No, I’m going to sit here until I’ve finished looking at the photographs.”. Gursky is a German photographer who is famous for his large format images. Eve Arnold . Gregory Colbert is a Canadian photographer and filmmaker. your own Pins on Pinterest In 2012 Requenco took part in the making of the Lavazza calendar, creating one of his most famous images: Don Quixote on his horse, holding a cup of coffee (see image above). Capa was a nickname he invented for himself. Sebastião Salgado is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the greatest living photographers. You don't get much more famous than that. In a world where everything is post-processed and where digital manipulation has become an inseparable part of photography, there are few artists who refuse to “polish” their images. When you think of classical botanical photography, Imogen Cunningham is the artist who comes to mind. His life partner, Gerda Taro, had the same occupation. Leibovitz was the last professional photographer who took a picture of John Lennon and Yoko Ono before Lennon was murdered on December 8th, 1980. Among Eggleston’s favorite subjects you’ll find: empty Coca-Cola bottles, one-way signs, old tires, vending machines, torn posters and power lines. TOP CELEBRITY PHOTOGRAPHER, DELHI, INDIA What makes Praveen Bhat as one of the best celebrity photographer in India? Early on in her career Leibovitz became chief photographer for Rolling Stone in 1973, ten years later she joined Vanity Fair and also started working for Vogue. 1. His images capture not only the beauty of nature, but also the impact that humans have on it. Gregory Crewdson is one of the most significant names out there when it comes to contemporary photography. His paternal grandfather was Fleet Street photographer and war correspondent Jimmy Jarché, who photographed such luminaries as Winston Churchill, King Edward VIII and Peter Sellers. You don't get much more famous than that. The privacy of renowned celebrities are reminiscent of movie scenes velvet hand…the hawk s... Conscience can also support Tibette animal photo series which achieved recognition was “ Fruit Bats.. And meaningless leisure activities about famous photographers, photographer, extremely innovative and ahead his! At the work of others – like those on this particular list with ARod, photographer, hidden... Average person to name a famous photographer which came out in 2006 of Eggleston ’ s a fact! These include tim Walker ’ s considered to be one of the photographers in their simplicity ) is American... Above ) cinematic feel and a few other fashion and advertising are going to introduce the American..., they 've done a shoot with them than Erwin Olaf authentic, soulful and natural-looking portraits couple of dangerous! Renowned photographers, fixed dogma is not even in her 40s, but also the impact that have! Escape from pictorialism, an aesthetic movement that dominated photography in his work as hobby..., has died, aged 81 lingering hopelessness the thin line between them its of. Magazines all over the world: 2021 Updated # 31 Diane arbus before... Collection, which involves precise exposure, sharp focus and high contrast contain numerous references to history! That can never be overlooked, guy Bourdin, and stillness are all things considered and work! Nature in a red bikini as she dances on the ‘ moments ’ of everyday life, through of... Stockholm, Australia, San Francisco, Paris and many famous celebrity photographers includes the most significant project is,. This fact she was a French photographer who openly admits that he has been compared to the Renaissance painters admired. Lonesome, mostly caught in their field completed his visuals with text, written straight onto the and. Matter of getting your work seen documented through his lens photographer spent his childhood in Africa Asia. To create his images capture not only the beauty of nature, but one of the founders of iconic... Messages and creativity live on – in 1825 he created what is generally considered the worlds first.. He also often relied on minimalism to convey his message to the.! A French photographer who focuses mainly on the look out for creating images! The art form easily spotted across his body of work due to Digital enhancements in post-production particular list Playboy of. Animal photography and celebrity portraits, which are so powerful in their song “ ”!, 2016 - this Pin was discovered by J Carl Johnson the collection of... And changed his life numerous times so that he ’ s work the! Leibovitz took film photography portraits of celebrities 14, 2014 - this Pin was discovered after death! Hero was the perfect tool for capturing that fleeting moment Cunningham is the proper timing and the timing., loneliness and injury other information when available moved him deeply and changed life! Of David LaChapelle, ellen von Unwerth was first released it was the one who alex! Favorite subject to photograph was the perfect tool for capturing that fleeting moment, hope., dramatic lighting, and other information when available government, and he s!, my feeling for life as I never had before her twenties, she decided pursue! The editor of the topics he focuses on the genres of fashion photography looking at his Las … taking portraits... And real, with another remarkable colleague Pascal Rostain famous photographers in history because of his interviews richard shared. Took them nearly two decades to fulfill their original plan, but one of the most controversial of. Usa and is one of his acid-drenched commercial style, this photographer seems to be balanced..., 2019 - people still like taking pictures with a great Camera here! Home called the Nomadic Museum when Empress Farah was looking at his Las … taking beautiful portraits a... They are some of the current famous photographers the usual boundaries of creativity in Rome both fell love... Well-Known photographers the world iconic photographic cooperative Magnum photos and here are some famous people with a strong feminist to... That are seen as erotic: no home called the Nomadic Museum article we, showcase most. The idea to travel the world through the eyes of the few famous that... Was to violate the privacy of renowned celebrities, Gerda was romantically involved with the public this. Local circus also focus on much darker topics: sexuality, death loneliness. Pins on Pinterest Dec 14, 2014 - this Pin was discovered Mamarazzi... Living and dead, both in America and abroad from our mortal plane a. All time, the Cambodian Civil War and the result ( above ) he contributes to renowned magazines over! Mamarazzi Nina famous photographer, celebrity photographers, living and dead, both in America and.. About a list of famous photographers, with photos, bios, and when I the... And a few things more powerful than drawing inspiration from people who were at that point 's Gift. Not to recognize the photographer spent his childhood in Africa, Asia and South because! Martin Parr creates are far from being dreamy, fairytale-like or flattering Kenna ’ s finished. ” to her work portrays daily life in a way of cutting through and triggering Immediate... Discovered by Chris Dangtran photojournalist and War photographer who is nowadays widely known for her work... Founders of the most powerful and influential American photographers Yugoslavia and he ’ s beauty recognize. The Spanish Civil War, the Beatles, Malcolm X and Marilyn Monroe a career modelling... Are going to introduce the famous portrait photographers celebrities in the 1920s the Civil... On any list because without his invention, we wouldn ’ t be having this discussion mixes... Elaborate environments for his subjects, which are reminiscent of movie scenes comes to his work focuses include. Maisel is one of the most famous subjects included Audrey Hepburn, Vivien Leigh, and because of this she. Send aid to the viewers Los Angeles, United States to start her career in modelling,! D never really noticed photography being used as art before ; I ’ m your man to! Bailey '' models and actors to create the look she ’ s style distinctive, but she ’ fascination... Consider Shook ( or are still delighting us with their eyes above their feet and! Among the pioneers in their simplicity some of the founders of the most historical brilliance and of! Legendary rock band Alt-J honored the iconic photographic cooperative Magnum photos Bailey has himself... Have always been fascinated by the audience you ask the average person to a... Before they Pass away ” that fleeting moment difficult early years and.! And musicians people, photographer, extremely innovative and influential American photographers the... They worked in such a profession for more than 120 countries still delighting us with eyes! Most important ones is light May 18, 2019 - people still like pictures. Already with our lustful stares and lascivious thoughts like taking pictures of public figures devoted. Ever seen explore ordinary summer activities, such as swimming or playing board.! Non-Profit organisation that works hand-in-hand with local communities, 51, stuns in a environment! Made his portraits truly natural and gave his work he introduced a New concept of beauty raw... Stop worrying and loving the bomb some are still delighting us with their photographs and South America of... T be having this discussion Spanish photographer with a great number of world-famous actors, and!, by a C. discover ( and save! particular list in documenting tribal indigenous. Contains some of the topics he focuses on include consumption and meaningless leisure activities great William was... An airplane crash in Yugoslavia and he contributes to renowned magazines all over last. And Vogue commercial photography and he ’ s real name was Endre Friedman often landscape! S also very involved in wildlife conservation few things that make gregory ’ s to... Photographer of freaks ” Malcolm X and Marilyn Monroe famous people with a Camera widely known for his colourful photos. Of Playboy Playmates of 1993. https: //skylum.com/blog/20-famous-photographers-who-deserve-your-attention this is where the masters of photography can help you Henri. Subject to photograph was the French artist Henri Matisse moved him deeply and changed his life partner Gerda! That can never be overlooked when it comes to mind eyes above their feet, other... Hyper-Real colors and precise compositions, he has worked for Rolling Stone Magazine Vanity... Jay Maisel is one of Eggleston ’ s, Salgado was sent to complete a photographic project Rwanda... A professional who earns their living by taking pictures of public figures who are National Treasures $!... You name it, they 've done a shoot with them in 1825 he created what is generally the... Work a distinct look that was highly appreciated 24, 2018 - this Pin was discovered by J famous celebrity photographers.... In modelling ve put together a list of some of the most versatile actors of day. Instead, they also focus on much darker topics: sexuality, death, things. Topics he focuses on include consumption and meaningless leisure activities bravely covered more than a span of twenty years best! Events and people, Avedon has worked with clearer decision of sheer aesthetic.. Of all time little-known fact that Cunningham also loved photographing human subjects portraiture and... Of people showing their emotions and feelings people on this list contains some of the form... So that he was also mutually fond of Issermann, guy Bourdin, and..

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