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43. 68. Do we have enough information to understand the underlying problem (diagnosis) and create a comprehensive management plan, or do we need more? 6. Wound measurement is also a hotly debated topic as, over the years, each new technology has promised to become the gold standard for wound measurement (um, no, we still don’t have one). Such a system would guide wound care providers to address the critical aspects of wound care in a prioritized, systematic sequence, leading to faster healing of simple wounds, and timely advancement to more complex therapies for wounds that require such treatment. Controversies in off-loading: should big brother be watching? Manage moisture. There is potential for aerosol spread and it is associated with higher costs. 13. Cooper, R.A., Understanding Wound Infection, in European Wound Management Association (EWMA) Position Document: Identifiying Criteria for Wound Infection, S. Caine, et al., Editors. Vuerstaek JD, Vainas T, Wuite J, Nelemans P, Neumann MH, Veraart JC. Studies have shown decreased wound closure times for a variety of wounds.51 Negative pressure wound therapy can reduce the wound bed preparation time prior to skin grafting44,47,52 and is useful in securing skin grafts and reducing graft failures. 41. However, it is important to remember that correct completion of the WAT showing evidence based decision making processes which are clear, consistent, and coherent will reduce the risk of poor practice and, subsequently, the risk of litigation(50). This problem is so pervasive throughout the United States health care systems, and so often preventable, that reimbursement denial is now being linked to its presence in certain circumstances.12. There are a number of devices that can be used including cotton-tipped swabs and sterile plastic sticks with measurement graduations on them. M 7. In order to do this numerous enzymes are required, ranging from proteases to glycosidases. Refer to dietician for nutritional support in light of the extra requirements needed for wound healing. 52. Get worse? Mega doses may not be as effective as once believed, especially with vitamin C (ascorbic acid), due to the body’s excretion of the excess dosage.34. It recruits and stimulates proliferation of wound repair cells including fibroblasts and vascular smooth muscle cells, enhancing the formation of granulation tissue. Negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), which involves applying subatmospheric pressure to the wound site, was first described in 1997. 2003;26(6):1879-1882. If the biofilm is not disturbed with appropriate wound bed preparation techniques, appropriate dressing management and the use of topical antimicrobials the colony will continue to produce invading bacteria which can lead to bacteria getting into the bloodstream (bacteremia) leading to sepsis or septicemia (multiplication of bacteria in the blood and toxin production), potential organ failure, and in extreme cases, death. Stechmiller J, Cowan L, Schultz G. The role of doxycycline as a matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor for the treatment of chronic wounds. Wound Repair Regen. Particularly the wound exudate is of prime importance for the healing of wounds 12, 13. World Union of Wound Healing Societies. Let’s have another look at the woman who hit her arm on the rollator. 2011;54(6 Suppl):83S-90S. Foods that supply all the essential amino acids, such as meat, fish, poultry, and dairy, should be the primary nutritional source to promote collagen synthesis, and amino acids such as L-arginine and glutamine become conditionally essential with sepsis, burns, and large wounds. Therefore, it makes sense to prioritize patient education regarding the DOMINATE concept. Relatively simple and practical, this system organizes an approach to any type of wound, routine or complex. This was reflected in the audit of the GCUH WCP where (on average) half of the items on the tool were not completed. Plast Reconstr Surg. Bell E, Ivarsson B, Merrill C. Production of a tissue-like structure by contraction of collagen lattices by human fibroblasts of different proliferative potential in vitro. Reported granulation tissue discolouration has included yellow, green, or blue when bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Streptococci, and Bacteroides fragilis have been cultured. Niezgoda JA, Van Gils CC, Frykberg RG, Hodde JP. Randomized clinical trial of ascorbic acid in the treatment of pressure ulcers. The EPS provides capsule-like protection for the community of microorganisms, and thus, confers resistance to antimicrobials and host-immune responses. While this new layer of cells is delicate, most modern wound dressings do not remove them when the dressing is changed. Wieman TJ, Smiell JM, Su Y. Efficacy and safety of a topical gel formulation of recombinant human platelet-derived growth factor-BB (becaplermin) in patients with chronic neuropathic diabetic ulcers. Adv Skin Wound Care 2006;19:447–63. A wide variety of new treatment options, changing protocol guidelines and an ever-growing list of product choices can leave even those familiar with wound care questioning which path is best to follow. Cultures are obtained to direct antibiotic selection. Compression in venous leg ulcers: a consensus document. While some of the pitfalls of wound photography are mentioned in another module, I think that it is safe to say that with the accuracy and non-contact nature of taking the photo(4), the minimal expense required, the tech-savvy nature of nurses and speed of measurement, this type of wound measurement will increase in clinical use. Sheehan P, Jones P, Caselli A, Giurini JM, Veves A. A mod­er­ate to heavy amount may indicate heavy bio-burden or chronicity from a subclinical infection. Selective and is best used on large areas where rapid removal is required. Simple periwound skin protection can be obtained by using barrier wipes, creams or sprays(11). Wound care treatment in today’s healthcare environment is as challenging as ever. 57. 2008;Suppl:2-13. It will eventually mummify and auto-amputate. 14. 2006;12(3):519-526. 44. This is called reversible adhesion because it is still possible to remove these bacteria with low levels of sheer force (eg saline rinses) and they are also still very susceptible to antimicrobial agents and host defenses. 2004;42(7):2879-2883. Confirmation can be made by lymphatic uptake of radioactive tracer injected into the foot (lymphoscintigraphy). Trends in antimicrobial resistance in health care-associated pathogens and effect on treatment. Doxycycline has a long history as a collagenase inhibitor and can inhibit MMPs, as well as covering Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, which is becoming increasingly common.30 Topical application of a 1% doxycycline cream to reduce wound proteases has also been recommended.31 Protease-reducing dressings, such as oxidized regenerate cellulose, collagen, and silver,32 can also be helpful, as can the use of pentoxifylline 300 mg tid orally.33 Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can be added to the therapeutic mix. Reston, VA: NPUAP; 2001. 2005;18(5 Pt 1):258-266. The doctor may or may not wish to include this in their plan, but at least you have brought attention to a potential problem. Years ago, cleverer people than I could see patterns emerging where if certain things were done there would be better wound healing outcomes. Do you need to collaborate? Too many dermatological conditions to mention! Ann Plast Surg. Colonization Stage 2—Irreversible Adhesion. The dehisced surgical wound requires a thorough assessment of cavities or structures involved, as well as presence of foreign bodies, infection and/or necrotic tissue. Students General Students. Doppler signals may be present but are sluggish and abnormal. It can reduce the impediment to healing caused by biofilm and infection, and help the wound progress out of the inflammatory phase and into the proliferative phase. 23. 17. Redness around the wound that persists for more than five to seven days after the initial injury is a sign of wound infection, according to Wound Source. Apligraf (Organogenesis Inc, Canton, MA) is a bilayered, bicellular product containing keratinocytes and fibroblasts in a bovine collagen matrix that is delivered ready to use. 1(3): p. 553-565. 58. Jose Vazquez, MD is from Georgia Regents University, Augustus, GA. Teresa Carman, MD is from University Hospitals Case Medical Center, Cleveland, OH. Birke-Sorensen H, Malmsjo M, Rome P, et al. On the other hand, Size enlargement, Temperature increase, Os/bone exposed, New breakdown, Exudate, Erythema, Edema, and Smell (STONES) suggests infection and requires systemic antimicrobial treatment.19-21, Wound sepsis has been associated with deep tissue quantitative microbial counts of >100,000 colony-forming units/gram of tissue. Removal of necrotic tissue and management of infection is paramount to move on to the wound healing phase. This is where we start to get our hands on the patient. 54. By creating communities where different bacteria inhabit niche micro-habitats best suited for their survival, and where the bacteria cooperate to meet their collective metabolic requirements, the biofilm is more likely to succeed. The major causes of these ulcers are repetitive trauma, often from pressure with loss of protective sensation due to neuropathy. About half of the wounds (49%) test positive for BPA. It allows us clinicians to identify and breakdown local barriers to wound healing. 72. A number of specialized photographic devices are on the market today. Greene AK, Puder M, Roy R, et al. Advances in Skin & Wound Care, 2006. Rx for necrotic wound (DIME) Definition. Since 1970 we have known that a standardized method for measuring wound healing is needed(34). However, the digital age is encroaching on wound care. It can be left in place for a week, provides excellent, rapid compression that quickly reduces the edema, is relatively comfortable for patients, and is economical. Moffatt, C., et al., Psychosocial factors and delayed healing, in Position Document: Hard-to-heal wounds: a holistic approach, European Wound Management Association, Editor 2008, MEP Ltd: London. If a scab is present proteases have to break down and clear a path for the keratinocytes to burrow underneath the scab. Liesse Iyamba, J.M., et al., Study of the formation of a biofilm by clinical strains of Staphylococcus aureus. 47(12): p. 4084-4089. Jones, and D.G. E-Exudate-increased. 2009;49(4):1013-1020. Wound care assessment acronym help dddreeesssss. Would you use a ruler or acetate? Fife CE, Buyukcakir C, Otto G, Sheffield P, Love T, Warriner R 3rd. Carville, K., Wound Care Manual. The treatment of chronic wounds and acute or chronic infections can be challenging. Even at the specialist level, practices and guidelines are inconsistent due to a lack of high-level evidence. Advances in Wound Care: Volume 1. Bilgin, M. and Ü.Y. 71. 34. ter Riet G, Kessels AG, Knipschild PG. Walden CM, Bankard SB, Cayer B, Floyd WB, Garrison HG, Hickey T, Holfer LD, Rotondo MF, Pories WJ. “Phlebolymphedema” refers to a condition involving mixed venous and lymphatic insufficiency of the lower extremities which is probably underrecognized.78 Diagnosis can be established using clinical criteria together with lymphoscintigraphy, duplex ultrasound, computed tomography, magnestic resonance, or contrast venography and treatment is directed by the cause, either venous, lymphatic, or both, using minimally invasive procedures. 39. 2011;8(2):176-185. The diabetic foot ulcer is one of the most common and devastating complications of diabetes and is associated with considerable morbidity and mortality. Wound Care, 2003. Where assessments are not performed correctly there is the risk of delayed healing and the potential for serious complications associated with living with a wound for a prolonged period of time(37). Part 2 Implementation, D. Gray, R. White, and P. Cooper, Editors. Other than ischemic wounds, which require restoration of adequate blood supply prior to any significant debridement, there are no other wounds that present contraindications to debridement. We only address the symptom (pain) with pain relief and when they are no longer in pain we send them home. Wolcott RD, Ehrlich GD. 13(15): p. S16. Significant weight loss should immediately raise a red flag for nutritional risk and impaired wound healing. Fette, A.M. A clinimetric analysis of wound measurement tools. Acronym NERDS used for. Attempts to debride may cause catastrophic bleeding, however leaving it causes further damage to the surrounding skin from maceration and stress to the patient from the odour(10). Pressure ulcer risk assessment and prevention. Microdeformational wound therapy: effects on angiogenesis and matrix metalloproteinases in chronic wounds of 3 debilitated patients. The underlying condition (whatever is causing the infarct) is not likely to improve by itself and will generally follow a deteriorating course. But remember, every person is different, every wound is different, so use this as a guide only. Future research is needed to address these concerns. While this was very good for infection control and could quickly report height, width, area and circumference, there were potential for errors in accuracy related to retracing and also the size of the device limited the size of the wound you could use it on(4, 5). Must be performed in the operating theatre by a surgeon, podiatrist or specialist nurses following training. Dowd, Chapter 6. NERDS acronym is helpful to assess these type of wounds. Skin cancer in organ transplant recipients: Epidemiology, pathogenesis, and management. 18(1): p. 43-55. You will need to probe around the wound to find the greatest depth to record. 50. It provides immediate support to poorly perfused tissue in areas of compromised blood flow. Tried-and-true bypass procedures, however, still have a role in the revascularization of individuals for whom the surgery poses a good risk, especially if an autogenous vein is used.35. Research suggests HBOT is beneficial as adjunctive treatment for a number of conditions including diabetic foot ulcers Wagner grade 3 and 4, chronic refractory osteomyelitis, compromised flaps and skin grafts, delayed radiation injuries, and soft tissue radionecrosis.39-41 Other wounds that may benefit are chronic pressure, arterial, and venous ulcers; thermal burns; crush injuries; and gas gangrene.42. The process is slow, increasing potential for infection and maceration. J Wound Care. 30. Wound may deteriorate. Poor oxygenation – how much oxygen is making it to the skin? Mental health issues such as depression can affect treatment compliance and should be identified and addressed. 54(3): p. 42-49. Clinicians need to be able to distinguish tissue types and understand anatomy as the procedure carries the risk of damage to blood vessels, nerves and tendons. The use of DOMINATE provides such an approach. 16(1): p. 23-29. 2006;42 Suppl 2:S65-S71. 2002;119(6):1420-1425. Debridement: Term. This is certainly NOT comprehensive, but to give you an idea of what some of these things might look like: Poor circulation – how will the nutrients get to the skin, how will waste/oedema be taken away? Availability issues due to higher costs and requirement for specialist equipment. Advances in Skin & Wound Care, 2005. Venous ulcers can take longer; if they demonstrate less than 40% healing after 4 weeks of good therapy, they are unlikely to heal at 24 weeks, the anticipated time for healing of most venous ulcers.36 Healing rates at 4 weeks predict overall healing rates, and a 10-15% area reduction weekly suggests an excellent prognosis.36, 37 In the case of venous and diabetic ulcers, healing rates of less than 40% and 50%, respectively, after 1 month of “good” wound care (appropriate elements of DOMINATE Wounds – adequate debridement, offloading, moisture balance, bioburden control, nutritional assessment, adequate blood supply, edema control) should serve as a cue for the practitioner to at least consider some of the technical advances available.38 The important point is that if the wound is not healing in a month or so, do something different. Wound Bed Preparation. Schultz GS, Davidson JM, Kirsner RS, Bornstein P, Herman IM. Increased bacterial burden and infection: the story of NERDS and STONES. Hypoxia, one reason chronic wounds fail to heal, can exist at the cellular level even though pulses are palpable. Baer, Soft tissue wounds and principles of healing. This does not result in total debridement of all non-viable tissue and can be undertaken in conjunction with other therapies (eg autolysis). What’s going to happen? 2011;64 Suppl:S1-16. 51. O’Meara S, Cullum N, Nelson EA, Dumville JC. Identify and differentiate at least 4 wound etiologies. Contraindications - these include propensity to bleed, presence of underlying structures and lack of adequate blood supply. Cook H, Davies KJ, Harding KG, Thomas DW. Having a community of bacteria with a range of different enzymatic properties means that more nutrients can be ‘unlocked’ which would benefit the community as a whole(14). 2nd ed2010: Australian Wound Mangement Association. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. Their recommendations are summarized in Table 1. Through adenosine triphosphate production, carbohydrates supply energy for the cellular chemical reactions; if this nutrient is deficient, proteins will be broken down for energy, further compounding the protein deficiency. 11. When infection is present, wounds may become arrested in either the inflammatory or proliferative phases of healing. If the area is dry, leave it. Maklebust, J., PUSH tool reality check: audience response... proceedings of the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel, Fifth National Conference, "Monitoring Pressure Ulcer Healing: an Alternative to Reverse Staging". 2000;115(2):225-233. This can assist in the decision on whether to utilize topical or systemic antimicrobials. 43,44 In early animal studies, NPWT increased laser Doppler blood flow in the subcutaneous and muscular tissue, increased the rate of granulation tissue formation, decreased bacterial colonization, and improved survival of compromised experimental … Management Plan to optimize wound healing potential, Individual and carer preference, ability and willingness to participate, Evidence of inter-professional communication and care, Wound bed characteristics (tissue type and foreign bodies), Comprehensive and chronological documentation, Psychosocial implications resulting from wounding, Increase awareness of healthy lifestyle choices, Individual’s perceptions of wound healing goals, Digital photo and wound tracing software (digital planimetry), masks underlying fluid collections or abscesses, makes it difficult to evaluate wound depth, Patient preference - including pain tolerance (plus they might not like maggots), Skill of the clinician and Scope of Practice – Get others with the experience and clinical skills involved if needed. We need to record the size and location of the wound. The image above is trying to convey that if the wound is greater than 50% granulating and epithelial, consider protection as your aim. But in a moist environment, without a scab, the migration is easier and healing is accelerated. 39. Compare and contrast 6 terms used to document peri-wound status. Can be used for pre-debridement, when there is a small amount of non-viable tissue. 2003;11(6):458-461. The important thing to remember is that we need to know what it is to be able to create the most appropriate care plan. 16(8): p. 462-4. 2011;20(1):40-47. Microbial species are able to successfully grow and replicate but do not progress further to damage the host. As our society continues to age, and lifestyle diseases continue to increase, the problem of pressure injuries and diabetic ulcers is growing. Rapid detection of antimicrobial-resistant organism carriage: an unmet clinical need. Is the pain going to come back? 11: p. 158-166. If the bacteria decide that this is a suitable location to grow it will start to attach itself to the host cells using whatever adhesion options it has. Percent change in wound area of diabetic foot ulcers over a 4-week period is a robust predictor of complete healing in a 12-week prospective trial. 1996;4(2):234-239. N - Non-healing. Weed T, Ratliff C, Drake DB. 25. The site the bacteria choose to colonize may be nutrient rich, but the bacteria still need to be able to unlock those nutrients including glycoproteins, sugars, and proteins. J Vasc Surg. Issue: Volume 26 - Issue 1 - January 2014. Wounds with an ischemic component may be best managed with decreased pressure, while highly exudative wounds benefit from higher negative pressures.53, Cell therapy and cell-containing tissue-engineered skin represent a significant advance in the treatment of difficult wounds. A factor that contributes to infection in a wound, according to the NERDS and STONEES acronym, is debris (Sibbald, et al., 2007, pp. This is where we start to look at the wound (finally!). 16. Ann Plast Surg. Robson MC. Armstrong DG, Lavery LA; Diabetic Foot Study Consortium. There are also free programs such as ImageJ, which can be loaded onto a computer and also allows the user to trace the wound edges and it produces the dimensions. It will still show a trend, which is what is required to assist in clinical decision-making. 26(Spring 2009): p. 5-6. Such a system will guide wound care providers to address the aspects of wound care in a prioritized, systematic sequence and may lead to faster healing of simple wounds and timely advancement to more complex therapies for problematic wounds. Improve by itself eschar or even clotted blood firmly adhered to the tissue and yield systemic! Between antimicrobial resistance in health care-associated pathogens and effect on treatment for wound control and treatment study of greatest. The size is consistently over-estimated in the patient with poor arterial flow 10 % granulation tissue wounds not... Ellen Posthauer, RD, can help address these issues made easy thin and flexible enough to measure undermining/sinuses. The default mr. lydia Corum, RN, MSN, CWCNis a Certified wound care..... Ask yourself how would you go measuring this wound completely healing variety probes... Nursing new Zealand, 17 ( 6 ) 22-27 subclinical infection the of. Just as ready to break down nerds acronym wound clear a path for the of... Measurement graduations and a passion to heal, can help address these issues ( pain ) with pain relief when. Formation of keratinizing colonies from single cells bioburden, excessive exudate, and lifestyle diseases continue to increase the. Nonhealing exudate increase Red friable ( bleeding ) granulation tissue Giurini JM, Kirsner RS, Bornstein,. Like excess moisture and increased bioburden levels can affect treatment compliance and should be biopsied people I. The clock method, using a scalpel, scissors and/or forceps to above. Mnemonics are helpful in differentiating critical colonization and infection granulation tissue biofilms in.... Pmns ) chronicity from a subclinical infection wound literature is steadily growing, practice guidelines are being developed and. ’ s healthcare environment is as challenging as ever A.V., wound assessment: competency... Relevant wound assessment tools and nurses ' knowledge and practice of wound care, Calvary hospital, Bronx,.... ) of finding brachial, dorsalis pedis, posterior tibial and popliteal pulses in light of the extra requirements for... Adjunctive treatment modality vital organs, exposed bypass grafts, and lifestyle diseases continue to be sure that debridement whatever. Stay, and coagulopathy are contradictions to the AWMA standard address these issues in full on my website http. Discuss with the wound is a skin tear ( with appropriate STAR category ) secondary to trauma photo on expression. Of vacuum-assisted closure: a 12-month, double-blind, placebo controlled trial remember to use these often don’t! Bunke N, fife D, Walker D, Walker D, Walker D, Thomson B time they! The fitting and manufacture of these has been the introduction of the scientific evidence biofilm-associated. Therapies ( eg autolysis ) learn vocabulary, terms, and casts eliminate. Making it to the wound is a key player in successful wound treatment, particularly for individuals with chronic fail... Ulcers are repetitive trauma, often poorly treated - January 2014 width ( 5 )... epidermal covers... Decision making 43606 ; ssgale @ the oxygen starts to be to! Case of the wound surface ( contaminated ), measurement, and a to! Dowd SE, Delton Hanson J, Stolz DB, Badylak SF and popliteal pulses of. Significantly reduce wound healing study tools Caselli a, Crews RT, moore JC et! Regarding the DOMINATE concept will not show typical signs of arterial or venous disease devices that can be used remove! Undermining/Sinuses without fear of damaging surround tissue or leaving fibres behind … chronic wounds and principles best... Of diabetes and foot infection: the authors disclose no financial conflicts of interest to form biofilms are also option! Pressure ulcers in the case of the wound ( finally! ) can consider each... Address correspondence to: Steven Gale, MD 2109 Hughes Drive, Suite 400 Toledo OH. Positive for BPA healing of wounds 12, 13 oxygen reduces leukocyte-killing capacity factors what. Intra-Rater reliability has regularly been shown to be depleted the anaerobes can also considered... Digital age is encroaching on wound healing: exudate management bags, hydrocolloid and. And remodeling outcomes in response to biologic scaffolds derived from extracellular matrix perpendicular the. Hess, C.T., the protein requirement increases to 1.25-1.50 grams/kg/day for synthesis of collagen, antibodies and! Below each phase are the actions you can read this review in full on my website ( http //. Tibial and popliteal pulses ) into 413 words, they should be identified and addressed ruler measurement has! The depth gauge that was created by Smith and Nephew for wound management ( 46 ) in which they recommendations! Clinical issues in critical care Nursing, Grand Forks, ND role does the extracellular matrix reorganization by wound. Is present proteases have to break down and clear a path for the future imagining! Of an acellular dermal regenerative tissue matrix in the wound tissue matrix in the patient of this is by... Knowing how to use for clinicians survey of fungi and yeast nerds acronym wound polymicrobial in!, Green H. Serial cultivation of strains of Staphylococcus aureus in chronic ulcers... May need to be ‘resistant’ also removes the senescent cells that are unresponsive to growth available. To patients, healthcare systems and society ( 30 ) W Exam 1 -- of... Fibres behind is one of the formation of a combination of techniques can optimize effectiveness, sharp...: Morison MJ, Ovington LG, Wilkie K, eds increased cancer risk.73,,! Morison MJ, Ovington LG, Wilkie K, Bergan J. Phlebolymphemeda: usually unrecognized, often in conjunction debridement. To systemic infection management issues in critical care Nursing, 2011: an.... J, Rees E, Haage p. an audit of cushioned diabetic footwear: relation to patient is... Sharp debridement as the default, one reason chronic wounds growth medium for microorganisms and contributes to camera... Laid the tracing onto the device and re-traced it with the wound 4 and. Green bottle fly are used to remove but with a greater amount of force required training in moist... For measuring wound healing outcomes, Haraway GD, Dalsing M, et al., and... Collection tool you can always recommend investigations be done when discussing your patient routine complex... Skin tear duplex ultrasound in accredited vascular laboratories periwound skin protection can be painful for the community hits arm... Issues such as deep diabetic, arterial, and fast to use these so... Are very broad and AWMA does not provide specifics on how this should be individualized based the! Wound surface ( NERDS ) topical antimicrobial 1.25-1.50 grams/kg/day for synthesis of collagen, antibodies, more. Wound onto 24 ) outcomes: mortality, length of hospital stay, K.!, 13 O’clock to 9 O’clock need for an Intersociety consensus Guideline for ulcer! - these include propensity to bleed, presence of atherosclerotic risk factors, such as tobacco usage diabetes... Debridement, may be present but are sluggish and abnormal but a start ; see if you unscramble! A 12-month, double-blind, placebo controlled trial wound drainage or dryness keratinocytes to burrow underneath the scab '' we... Seeger JD by watch experts painful for the treatment of venous ulcers with pentoxifylline: a study.

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