water based etching ink

Primrose Yellow - Series 2 Ink Preservers; Etching Inks. Looking for the best price in the USA on Rives BFK Printing Paper? Quote: Originally Posted by bornover If I understand right, the DTG Pretreat was developed to use Brother water based textile inks on Polyester and Poly/Cotton blend garments. I always thought they carved the stone with a hammer and chisel to make a engraved stone plate for printing. Yellow Ochre - Series 1, 60ml Pricing Ocean Blue - Series 2 Categories --> Inks--> Etching Inks--> Akua Water Based Etching Inks Please enter a quantity for each item you want, select the item by checking it's box, and then click on the 'Order Selected Products' button. Price and other details may vary based on size and color. Temperature, humidi... Hanco's highly skilled master formulators use high-quality raw materials and modern equipment to produce Hanco Ink Modifiers, which are used to stiffen inks and slow the drying process. This resist withstands not only most plating solutions but can be used … The ink will cause the paper to color a little. Series 1 List $13.00 Lenz $10.40 Then, wipe and/or dab into the etching and remove excess ink from the plate. These inks are ideal for Intaglio/Etching, Monotype, Relief and Collagraph printmaking and can be used with Akua Liquid Pigment and Modifiers. INKS AQUA WASH. 24 shades + 2 additives based on water-soluble and non-toxic emulsified oil. Find top-rated inks, including Charbonnel etching ink and Gamblin ink. Similar to the traditional solvent-based inks and made with the same pigments, these inks clean up with soapy water. Ideal for students and artists looking for an ink that does not contain solvents and is odorless, non-toxic, and easy to clean. Akua Intaglio soy-based permanent inks are a non-toxic, environmentally safe way to do printmaking. The unique slow-drying formula allows plenty of time to create an image on the plate. An introduction to Akua's highly pigmented, professional-quality inks, this starter set includes Akua Intaglio Inks, Akua Liquid Pigment Ink, Akua Modifiers, and an instruction guide. Inexpensive liquid dish detergent can be used. I chose Daniel Smith etching ink and mixed in about ¼ to 1/3 rd of their water based relief ink for the students to use. All colors are lightfast and permanent once dry. Akua Intaglio waterbased etching inks and conditioners Akua Intaglio is a printmakers dream come true. Item #: 44264. Manufactured to exacting standards using only the finest raw materials, Hanco Oil Based Etching Inks are ground between hardened steel rolls to achiev... Etching and intaglio inks are specially formulated for intaglio and etching printmaking techniques. Temperature, humidity, the type of plate, and the type of paper all affect how inks perform. Black 55981 - Series 1 These modifiers are for use with Akua Liquid Pigments and/or Akua Intaglio inks. Black 55981 Print on linoleum, wood, soft block surfaces, polyprint plates, and Styrofoam with Blick Water-Soluble Block Printing Inks. It has a thick consistency with minimal water content. This range contains less than 1% of driers. This range does not contain any driers. High light fastness. In this section you will find a selection of inks suitable for etching. Hold the brayer over the sink and squirt a fair amount of dish soap on it (no water, yet!) Description. These rich, water-based inks work great for all types of monotype techniques. Series 2 List $14.25 Lenz $11.40 To clean up the slab, plate and tools, only warm soapy water was needed. They must not be confused with water and resin based inks such as gum Arabic or cellulose-tempera based inks that can be re-softened and are limited to monotype or relief techniques (linocut, wood engraving). This water based, non-toxic acrylic screen printing ink is great for screen printing on signs, posters, and fine art prints. You may want to make sure that your brayer (roller) is totally free of any residue from past use (especially if it may have seen oil based inks used on it). With clean hands or using a scrap piece of paper, put a piece of the print paper into a tub of water. Lithography is an entirely separate process involving the use of an oil based crayon (or similar) on stone to attract an oil based ink on a water wet stone. Akua Liquid Pigment’s rich working consistency is excellent for all monotype techniques and its ability to stay wet on the plate for an extended period of time provides artists with many hours to create an image. The top choice of the most exacting printmakers, Charbonnel inks feature pigments chosen for their low acidity and exceptional lightfastness. Blended with top-quality oils and carefully milled to ensure trouble-free printing, these are the inks of choice. Emerald Green - Series 2 Speedball Professional Screen Printing Ink has a deep, rich poster black finish that resists scuffing. Carbon Black, MEDIUMS: The website does not mention Epson based printers and DuPont inks. You dont need solvents to clean up these inks. Black Luxe C Because Akua stays wet on the plate, there's no need to soak paper before printing. Deep Yellow - Series 3 The color chart has 17 colors and 7 blacks which are familiar to the printer. Aqua Wash inks are genuine oily inks for use in all techniques whether etching or relief printing. Suitable for all types of relief or block printing, such as woodcut and wood engraving, letterpress and linocut. Black F66

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